Task:File hosting on maemo.org

This task is in the list of maemo.org development proposals, please help planning and getting it ready for a sprint. Put a note on the talk page if you're interested in helping work on this task.
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[edit] Goals

  • Add File sharing for all maemo.org users.
  • Allow easy access for all users to upload/download files.
  • Give developers a way to host large files, or small files that are not worthy of a Garage Project.

[edit] Use Cases

  • Someone develops a program that requires a file larger then limit on Garage and *do not want to bring file into smaller files.
  • A person writes several small programs that are not worth of a Garage project but he needs a place to host them.
  • User can upload there latest backup of tablet to there storage and retrieve it in case tablet crash.

[edit] Wishes

  • FTP Access to storage area.
  • Access to all maemo.org users with no extra signup.
  • Creation of storage account when account is created.
  • Allow 500MB or more per file
  • Allow 1GB of total Storage
  • One Private Folder for storing things like backups
  • One Public Folder for storing things like programs.
  • Easy web address (something like http://www.maemo.org/~USERNAME)
  • Custom FTP program for tablet that only requires you to enter user name and password.(this will help newer users in uploading to the storage area.)