The software hosted in extras-devel is most likely not ready for end users! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't play with it unless you really know what you are doing.

Developers upload the newest version of their software to extras-devel. From there the packages go Extras-testing and finally Extras through an automatic and human Quality Assurance process. This is a repository for developers and regular contributors of specific software projects. If you want to play with extras-devel software you need to be prepared to feel some pain sooner or later.

In order to activate extras-devel in the Application manager you need to follow the same instructions used to enable the extras-testing repository, only using "extras-devel" instead. The instructions are not made more simple just on purpose.  :)


For developers

Uploading to Extras

Main article: Uploading to Extras

Anyone with a Garage account can upload packages to Extras, and so make them available to the widest possible user base. It is important to note that the uploader needs a Garage account: the package itself does not need to be hosted in the Garage.


Main article: Task:Consolidation of Extras

The Extras policies are still in the process of being defined and refined. See Extras repository process definition and Diablo Extras repository proposal for details and discussion.

See also the Extras/3rd Party Package Policy being tested in Fremantle.


Main article: Providing changes since last version of a package

You can create an entry for your application in the maemo.org downloads section. If the unixname of your entry is the same as your debian package in Extras, the version information will be automatically updated when you upload a new package.

There is a discussion going on about how to provide changes since last version of a package. At the moment there isn't a conclusion to this discussion yet.