Autobuilder FAQ

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Localization isn't working

You are probably using the followin line in

localedir=`$PKG_CONFIG osso-af-settings --variable=localedir`

This means that you need to add osso-af-settings to your Build-Depends.

Package gets rejected: REJECTED: The same or newer version is already in extras-devel

You can't upload the same version to the repository twice. If you have changed anything in your package, you should increase your version number or package revision.

Build failed: No such file or directory in log file

You probably forgot to specify the correct Build-Depends in debian/control. The autobuilder starts every build with a clean SDK image. If you need any application during building which is not available in the default SDK image, you need to specify it specifically.

You may verify that your Build-Depends field in debian/control is complete by running

dpkg-depcheck -m dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b

in the source tree. (You'll need to fakeroot apt-get install devscripts for this to work).

Build failed, works in my own scratchbox

See the answer above.


How do I request upload rights for Extras

You can request an invitation via the Extras Assistant.