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*[ Pyqtoreader]: Pyqtoreader (pronounced pīkto- rē-dər) is a modular Qt based viewer primarily for books, large images, comic books (cbr/cbz), webcomics, flickr photostreams and through various plugins to any page/image oriented content.
*[ Pyqtoreader]: Pyqtoreader (pronounced pīkto- rē-dər) is a modular Qt based viewer primarily for books, large images, comic books (cbr/cbz), webcomics, flickr photostreams and through various plugins to any page/image oriented content.
*[ FuelPad]: functional car fuel usage tracker.  The UI is a bit confusing (I always get confused by the labels -- "trip" versus "km", does "price" mean total or per litre, etc?).
*[ FuelPad]: functional car fuel usage tracker.  The UI is a bit confusing (I always get confused by the labels -- "trip" versus "km", does "price" mean total or per litre, etc?).

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Status of Fremantle Stars and other great apps

You have an interesting Fremantle project. You want to have it ready by the Maemo 5 final release. You are willing to get help and promotion from Nokia. List your project here with the current status and the related links.

Fremantle Stars projects are encouraged to report here, but any other project can join as well. If your project rocks we will help you as well.

Mission complete! Beta in progress Too alpha Broken, can't test Missing, can't evaluate
Project Roadmap bugs.m.o -devel -testing extras Downloads Showstoppers
eCoach yes Yes


- - Yes
Enigma done Yes


- - Yes It works! But gets the app/device frozen sometimes and the screen is dimmed sometimes while playing
FBReader - No Yes Not ready - not installable  ?  ? libfribidi0 missing due to SDK/image inconsistency
GPXView Mostly done, internal map still under development No


- - Yes
liqbase yes soon No, only liqbase-playground Not ready - missing asap asap packaging broken and layout styling - liqbase-playground av available, but that is not the real app.
Mauku 2.0 Application Totally new Fremantle UI yes yes Almost... n/a Yes None (only small bugs and feature enhancements that are being worked)
Mauku Widget Desktop Widget is ready! yes yes Yes, assuming connection with app works n/a Yes None (only minor finishing)
Microfeed Separate D-BUS-based backend library for Mauku yes yes Yes... n/a Yes None (beta testing) - Being a backend shouldn't appear in AM? Yes, it should, or it cannot be updated independently (blame the AM, please). Qaiku really works? Yes, it should.
NumptyPhysics -  ? Yes Not ready - unusable  ?  ? Wrong startup and doesn't go further than BRAVO! screen. Once this raw testing package is available it will help to concentrate efforts and allow people to work on layouts.
OMWeather Yes Yes Yes Yes n/a Yes None.
OSM2Go Yes Yes


Ready with some limitations (which are these?) - Yes
Vagalume No Soon No Not ready - missing  ? Yes -
gPodder Yes Yes Yes Yes - Yes Works according to qgil
Easy Debian - no no - - Yes mount and chroot commands don't work in SDK (no permissions)
Conboy Yes Yes Yes Yes - Yes
BlueMaemo Yes Yes Yes - - Yes UI under development, waiting for feedback
PasswordSafe No Yes Yes - - Yes Need someone to test it on a real device ...
TabletBridge Yes No Yes - - Yes You need a Soundbridge device to test this...
Canola - Yes No - - Yes Currently building packages for dependencies.
Tennix Network play in development Yes Yes Yes - Yes Works according to qgil
Xournal Make the port work / Take advantage of a few Fremantle UI features bugs.m.o -devel Testing N Download Early stage of porting to Fremantle. Apps starts. Works on Chinook/Diablo.
SolarWolf Done Yes Yes Yes N For Diablo -
Pyqtoreader Adapting to Fremantle class HW (OpenGL, accelerometers) N N N N N Waiting for PyQt in the repos, PySide is still too flaky
Wormux Kinetic scrolling, more touchscreen control Yes Yes Yes N For Diablo Otherwise OK, but crashes on device. Reason unknown.
(name linked to project) Y/N link Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N link to news

Proposals for Fremantle Stars

Nokia wants to support application developers having third party software ready for prime time by the day Maemo 5 is released. The first action is to select few projects to be supported since the day the first Fremantle SDK is released.

If your project hasn't been selected do not surrender. More actions will come with the beta SDK.

Above you have the applications that were proposd by the community. Nokia picked the projects to be supported from that list.

See also the Task:Remarkable_community_projects and Killer_Apps.

Release quality

  • Mauku: The micro-blogging client for Maemo devices
Mauku was proposed earlier by someone, but was not available in Extras that time. Now it is, and thus, Mauku fulfills all requirements listed above.
  • Maemopad+: pressure-sensitive sketching, available in Extras, now in development again with focus on fixing Usability issues and finger-friendliness
  • Maemo Mapper Image:Star.png: Most downloaded application for Maemo. Best map application. Can interact with lots of different mapping sites, including OpenStreetmap.
  • Numpty Physics Image:Star.png: This game is educational, hard, fun. Made for the stylus.
Any ideas for features making the most from an Internet connection? Adding (optionally) the online dimension would be phantastic.--qgil 06:35, 23 October 2008 (UTC)
High scores, level/content download, maybe co-op gameplay. —GeneralAntilles 08:48, 24 October 2008 (UTC)
I've started working on online aspect for NP including level download and submission, demo recording and upload etc though obviously the amount of work to get this up and running, especially on the web side, is not insignificant. Need more levels too. In short, an injection of manpower could get NP polished and shiny but I personally am very short on spare time these days. —Tim 08:48, 27 October 2008 (UTC)
  • ScummVM: Point-and-click adventures are great for touchscreens, some free-as-in-beer games are available (Beneath a Steel Sky, etc..)
This is an enabler. A user can't do much twith this alone. What about proposing a specific game (or set of games) using ScummVM? --qgil 06:35, 23 October 2008 (UTC)
As mentioned above, Beneath a Steel Sky, Flight of the Amazon Queen, etc. —GeneralAntilles 08:50, 24 October 2008 (UTC)
The problem with those is that they don't fit well onto device rootfs. Much better would be a Hildonized ScummVM "Content frontend" that would depend from ScummVM, list freely available games/gamedemos (with screenshot etc) and allow user to to launch them with ScummVM. If the game/demo isn't yet in the device, the frontend would first automatically download the required files from the net to a external/internal memory card + setup them for ScummVM. Similar thing would be useful also for other things that have large data sets (like Wesnoth). [Eero Tamminen, 2009-06-11]
  • gPodder: Finger-friendly UI, highlights the Internet aspect of the tablets (download podcasts); regular releases, many Maemo-specific UI changes; performance issues are worked on; tablet-related podcasts exist (example: [4]) - downloading podcasts directly on the mobile device is a thing that you can with Nokia's tablets and gPodder, but not with iPhone/iPod touch right now
Needs a much better list of podcasts, possibly the list that the N95 podcast application uses if formats are compatible. I've also had issues with gpodder leaking memory, and making my N810 slow down.--alan_peery 18:09, 31 December 2008 (UTC)
  • Xournal Image:Star.png: A great notes/sketch utility. One of few apps that utilize the pressure sensitivity of the screen! Invaluable to create and annotate PDF documents on a pocket computer.
  • Pimlico: PIM applications
  • Osmo: PIM solution supporting open standards (SyncML, iCal)
  • Leafpad: for notes taking (and script programming)
Too geeky for this call. --qgil 06:35, 23 October 2008 (UTC)
Impressing users with a spreadheet editor? Don't get me wrong, I see the usefulness of the application but we are looking for more shiny things in this call.--qgil 06:35, 23 October 2008 (UTC)
Any thoughts on adding the real time collaborative editing feature? Still, perhaps this is another tool clearly useful but not really impressive for desktop users - nor seems to be taking many advantages of the Maemo 5 features.--qgil 06:35, 23 October 2008 (UTC)
Perhaps it lacks glitz, but it seems to me that an Office-compatible text editor might mean quite a bit to a lot of users (heck, a decent word processor of any sort is likely to make a lot of people happy). —GeneralAntilles 08:52, 24 October 2008 (UTC)
Another enabler. It would be better to have an impressing candidate based on Greasemonkey. --qgil 06:35, 23 October 2008 (UTC)
browser-extras for OS2008
PyMaemo is great, but it says nothing per se to users. --qgil 06:35, 23 October 2008 (UTC)
  • Maemo WordPy Image:Star.png: Blogging software that hooks to WordPress and Blogger accounts, allows image uploads, post creating and editing, tagging. Especially notable for its finger-friendly menu.
  • quiver: image viewer
  • FBReader: e-book reader. Great functionality, but the UI is a bit clunky (file dialogs are not Hildonized, preferences dialogs are overwhelmingly complicated, there's no smooth touch scrolling).
Will need at least one book included, and preferably a link to where to download more. My recommendation for the latter is, where many of the Gutenberg Project books have been reformatted. --alan_peery 18:05, 31 December 2008 (UTC)
  • Fennec: Mozilla Firefox-based browser made specifically for mobile devices & touch screens. Currently (23 oct 2008) in Alpha phase.
  • Eboard and crafty chess engine port of the eboard chess program. Main goal is playing on fics or other online chess platforms against other human players. Analysis or games vs. engine are possible to. Can handle .pgn files and looks better than the chess "application" which is installed at the tablet after flashing the firmware.
  • Quick Clip A statusbar plugin that allows you to save text from any application (or input it directly) into categorized files; also comes with a fairly nifty viewer. Although relatively stable, still very much in active development.
  • BlueMaemo: BlueMaemo is a remote controller program for the Maemo-powered devices. Accelerometer controls and a 3d/air mouse are planned for Fremantle.

Alpha/Beta quality

  • conboy: A port to Maemo of the Tomboy application, this personal wiki software is great for organizing notes, todos, etc.
  • osm2go: This is a tool to create maps. It makes use of the hirez (touch) screen, a permanent internet connection for up- and download and the GPS of course. No such tool seems to exist for any other mobile plattform.
Very interesting. Any way to make this a plugin of the very popular Maemo Mapper? Imagine that users would just use the maps, having the ability to go for an "editing mode" by pressing a key.--qgil 08:14, 24 October 2008 (UTC)
Sure, that's planned to happen soon. Currently not planned as a plugin (does MM support plugins?) but via dbus interaction to e.g. use the current Maemo-Mapper view as the area to work on. Pretty much like gpxview also interacts with Maemo-Mapper --harbaum 12:50, 25 October 2008 (UTC)
Done --harbaum 22:50, 3 November 2008 (UTC)
A freemantle release of osm2go could use the clutter canvas instead of goocanvas or gnomecanvas. This way it would immediately take advantage of the video accelerator.
  • maemo-barcode: Alpha quality, could be a very cool application with some integration and interface development.
I've not used maemo-barcode but I see something like this could encompass much more than barcodes. From a hi-res picture you can also extract text and then cross reference it on google. Usually, even a short fragment of text can give a very specific match for example for article text, street signs, names numbers addresses etc, eg: similar to exbiblio. Then you can log it and tag it with gps/cell-id and make it all searchable. Of course, this would require a high res camera that doesn't just point at your head. --Tim
  • liqbase: Beta (now in extras) playground for sketching with kinetic graffiti with fullscreen tearfree refresh. finger friendly and FAST. shows off your tablet in the best light.
  • Bring Gazpacho back to life
Developer tools are out of scope in this call.--qgil 06:35, 23 October 2008 (UTC)
  • Tear: Beta quality, a WebKit-based browser which aims for better tablet-oriented experience (and maybe cross-engine).
  • syncevolution: A very powerful application to synchronize the tablets with a SyncML Server. Actually working with the osso-addressbook and pimlico dates.
  • PasswordSafe: Password safe is a utility to keep a list of usernames and passwords encrypted with a single password by Peter Weston. Its file format is from Bruce Schneier's utility of the same name. the UI has been changed to a tree within a pannable area for Fremantle (that's why it's back to Beta in 1.5)
  • Pyqtoreader: Pyqtoreader (pronounced pīkto- rē-dər) is a modular Qt based viewer primarily for books, large images, comic books (cbr/cbz), webcomics, flickr photostreams and through various plugins to any page/image oriented content.
  • FuelPad: functional car fuel usage tracker. The UI is a bit confusing (I always get confused by the labels -- "trip" versus "km", does "price" mean total or per litre, etc?).