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[ First report], a bit late tough :P
[[GSoC_2009/Projects/BitTorrent_plugin_for_Canola/Report1|First report]], a bit late tough :P
[ Second report], some new stuff
[[GSoC_2009/Projects/BitTorrent_plugin_for_Canola/Report2|Second report]], some new stuff
[ Third report], we're approaching finish soon
[[GSoC_2009/Projects/BitTorrent_plugin_for_Canola/Report3|Third report]], we're approaching finish soon

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BitTorrent plugin for Canola - GSoC 2009 Project


The purpose of this project is to develop a BitTorrent plugin for Canola2.


  • Browse RSS feeds of several (legal) torrent sites. Includes detailed view of feed entry
  • Allow seaching torrent sites: The Pirate Bay, Mininova and LegalTorrents
  • Download torrents using built-in BitTorrent 3. Includes detailed view of download
  • Download torrents using locally running Transmission via JSON RPC interface
  • Manage torrent downloads on remote Transmission instance
  • Allows accessing password protected remote instances of Transmission via standard URL format: http://user:pass@host:9091
  • Respects your Canola settings of download folder
  • Allows adding, modifying, deleting and renaming RSS feeds
  • Allows adding, modifying, deleting and renaming Transmission hosts


  • Make possible to choose between built-in BitTorrent engine and running Transmission for local downloads
  • Consistent terminology among the source code (leechers vs peers for example)
  • Save some of the runtime options to SQL database included in Canola (SQL table for dict perhaps?)

Other ideas

  • Allow searching in RSS feed
  • Allow browsing Torrent contents and playback of retrieved media.
  • Clean up download view and feed entry view
  • Clean up menus
  • Debug

Installing and usage

Please follow manual here


First report, a bit late tough :P

Second report, some new stuff

Third report, we're approaching finish soon