Geocaching is an outdoor activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers (called "geocaches" or "caches") anywhere in the world. Maemo devices make perfect companion for the cache hunting.



Maemo Mapper and GPXView are software to use for Geocaching on Maemo devices. You can install these with Application manager.

Extras repository must be enabled to install needed software. To enable Extras repository, just open this link on your tablet.

Or you can enable it by hand:

  • Go into the Application manager.
  • Tap the menu -> Tools -> Application catalog...
  • Double-tap maemo Extras.
  • Uncheck Disabled.

Next select Browse installable applications on Application manager and install gpxview and maemo-mapper (if you are located in Finland install also maemo-mapper-topomaps-fi).

Obtaining Geocache data

Geocache location files can be found on many websites e.g:

You can import geocache location files (*.GPX, *.LOC ) found on these pages to GPXView. Sites may require registering before files can be downloaded.

Generally *.GPX files contains more detailed information of the caches than *.LOC files. Downloading *.GPX files from requires subscription (currently 30$ per year) but *.LOC files can be downloaded freely after registering. Download some caches near you location and transfer them to your Maemo device.

Importing files to GPXView

Open GPXView and select Import' -> File to import one file and Directory to import all supported files from one directory. After that geocaches should be visible on GPXViews main screen.

Export POIs to Maemo Mapper

When you have some caches in your GPXView main screen you can export location of those caches to the Maemo Mapper as a POI data. This makes it easier to get general overview of the cache area. To export caches as Maemo Mapper POI select Export -> Maemo Mapper POI from the GPXViews menu.

You can take exported POI database in use by starting Maemo Mapper and selecting GPXViews POI-file in Settings -> POI -> POI database from Maemo Mappers menu.

Downloading maps

Heading to the cache

Logging your find (