Hildon Foundation/Board candidate declarations for June 2013

This page lists every candidate in the June 2013 Hildon Foundation Board of Directors election, in alphabetical order. A brief summary of their declaration is given, along with a link to their full position and a link to individual Q&A responses where appropriate.


Ryan Abel (GeneralAntilles)

"I have one goal in mind in running for the Hildon Foundation Board: to help make keeping maemo.org running as painless as possible.

"Long-term, the community may need to branch out. An obsolete, unsupported platform is not going to provide the fertile soil to maintain a vibrant community forever. But, ultimately, any growth into new focuses must be organic and bottom-up. Strategic partnerships with Jolla, Canonical, Qt or whomever established by the Hildon Foundation will not be productive unless a large percentage of the community's interest is focused on those things."[1]

Rüdiger Schiller (chemist)

"For those who are not aware of who I am yet; I am sitting member and Chairman of our Hildon Foundation Council and Maemo Community Council. Lead Administrator of talk.maemo.org and therefor admin of our forum.

"This year will bring and already brought changes to our community and we need to remain active and vital. I'd like to see a full body for BoD so please nominate any people trustworthy, even yourself!"[2]

Craig Woodward (Woody14619)

"My views on the community and it's future are very similar to many already expressed by many candidates already. We need am immediate focus on the present, both in keeping current services running and getting the legal items needed to continue to function as an independent entity. For future goals, we as a community will naturally grow toward another platform as Maemo ages. Weather that is Jolla, a MeeGo device, an independent start-up, or something as yet not even visible in the market place, in the end that's for the community to decide. But I'm willing to bet that the direction will be pretty uniform when it happens."[3]

Krzysztof Kuska (fw190)

I'm nominating myself so we have 4 candidates and can proceed with the voting ;)


  1. Ryan Abel's nomination
  2. Rüdiger Schiller's nomination
  3. Craig Woodward's nomination