How to connect a wireless bluetooth keyboard to the nokia n800 and n810

However good the on-screen keyboard of the N800 or the built-in keyboard of the N810 are, nothing can ever completely replace the speed and accuracy of a real full-size keyboard. Well, the N800 and N810 are actually compatible with many real full-size keyboards!

Keyboards that work with the N800 and N810 have to be wireless and use a standard called Bluetooth HID, but this is the standard that most wireless keyboards use anyway, so it's not difficult to find a compatible model. There's a suitable Nokia branded keyboard called the SU-8W, but you can use non-Nokia keyboards too, as long as they're Bluetooth HID compatible.

In case you're wondering why anyone would want to use a keyboard with something as portable as an Internet Tablet, the answer is that many Bluetooth keyboards are just as portable. Many of them, such as the SU-8W, fold up into something about the same size and weight as the tablet itself. You can see an example of this in the video above.

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How to change the keyboard country layout

Different countries usually use different layouts of keyboards, and even a single model of Bluetooth keyboard can have many different layouts depending on where you buy it.

If the letters on your keyboard don't match the letters that appear when you type, it may be that the N800's keyboard country settings are wrong.

This is very easy to correct, just go to the Bluetooth Keyboard settings box as described above, and select the appropriate keyboard settings from the dropdown Keyboard Layout menu.