LinuxTag 2008

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The maemo track of LinuxTag 2008 happened on Thursday 29th 2008 in Berlin, Germany.

Four hours of sessions dedicated to maemo were planned. Each session consisted of 3 short presentations of 10-15 mins to kick off the discussion on each topic.


maemo community update

Where are we & questions and comments...

Cool maemo apps

Some demos + meet the developers

  • Urho Konttori - UKMP
  • Alberto Garcia - Vagalume
  • Florian Boor - GPE

Cool platform hacks

A couple of demos + meet the developers

  • Kees Jongenburger - Mamona & Open Embedded approach
  • Armin Sauerbier aka pupnik - Emulators anywhere
  • Kate Alhola - USB & cables do wonders - what next?

Mid term: What Nokia should do + What the community could do

The session was on Thursday afternoon. Afterwards, a rgoup of about 20 people retired to the Cafe am Neuen See for huge pizzas and beers.



  • Quim announced that the first maemo summit would be taking place on September 19th, after OSiM World (also held in Berlin).
  • He also announced the start of the 100Days and maemo in 2010 brainstorming initiatives, to plan the future of with input from the community.