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Community Mailing Lists<br/>
''Community Mailing Lists''<br/>
LinuxTag 2008<br/>
''LinuxTag 2008''<br/>
2010 Agenda<br/>
''2010 Agenda''<br/>
Questions for Nokia<br/>
Questions for Nokia<br/>
Documentation wanted (maybe developer?)<br/>
Documentation wanted (maybe developer?)<br/>
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MyDocs (not obvious from title)
MyDocs (not obvious from title)
''Indented pages have been migrated/created in Media wiki''

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Categories allow you to group pages by theme, or by target audience.

To add a page to a category, simply add a link to Category:Name of category to the bottom of the page. A page can belong to several categories - just add them all at the end of the page.

A Category page contains first some wikitext (optionally), followed by a list of all of the pages marked with the category. Categories themselves can be in a category, in this case, they will be a sub-category. For example, to add Category:Football to Category:Sport, add a link to the parent category to the sub-category.


Proposed categories

I propose one category per front page section:

  • Category:Community - pages related to the community, including information about maemo, its mailing lists, IRC channels, real-life meetings, rules and norms. Maybe maemo training?
  • Category:Development - reference information and tips for developers. Setting up a development environment, tools for debugging, API documentation, tutorials, sample code, the development roadmap, technical specifications, reporting bugs, contributing to Bugzilla, reflashing the tablet, etc.
  • Category:Users - pages for (presumably) advanced users of the tablet. Where to get software, configuring services, playing ogg files, streaming video, VNC, SSH, getting root, etc.

Sub-categories make sense for some things. Some ideas of useful sub-categories: Category:Events as a sub-category of Category:Community. Category:Networking as a subcategory of Category:Users for everything to do with wifi, Bluetooth networking. Category:Troubleshooting as a sub-category of Category:Users, etc.

For the initial import of pages from Midgard, I propose the following categorisations:

Category:Community Category:Development Category:Users Unsure

Community Mailing Lists
LinuxTag 2008
2010 Agenda
Questions for Nokia
Documentation wanted (maybe developer?)

Subversion repository
Reporting Reboot Issues
Flashing latest image
Flasher tool usage
Roadmap wishlist
Server Browser App Development
Get started with Sardine
API Changes (Scirrocco Bora Herring)
Maemo Garage Start-up
FM radio programming
Using touchscreen pressure data
Hardware specifications</br> Installing maemo SDK 4 beta (outdated?)
Using Valgrind & GDB in Scratchbox
Java language
maemo with jhbuild</br> Developer tools
DSP Programming
X11 Extension tutorial
Modifying root image
Game development

Frequently asked questions
Playing Ogg files
Streaming video
Real video streams
Getting media content onto your tablet
Persistent bluetooth
USB networking
Bluetooth networking
Wifi PSM
Bluetooth DUN
Multimedia card
Support 2GB MMC
Bluetooth keyboards
Car mounts
Social web tablet users
Setting up NFS
Access windows CIFS
Performance optimisation
Extras repository process definition
Application manager red pill mode
Booting from MMC card
Become root

maemo training
Video encoding
Debian Armel on IT
Hildon desktop migration (outdated?)
Application repositories (deprecated?)
MyDocs (not obvious from title)

Indented pages have been migrated/created in Media wiki