Maemo-Barcelona Long Weekend

A call to all Maemo, Linux and open source lovers:

Maemo-Barcelona Long Weekend
December 4-6 @
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Everything started willing to organize a UX meets Code hackfest. Then some local supporters asked about the possibility of having more activities around. Now the schedule is all yours / toda vuestra / tota vostra. See below.

Join the discussion:


UX meets Code

About 50 community developers and user experience professionals work together during 3 days.

3 goals

  • Improve the usability and visual appeal of great Maemo apps.
  • Improve the UX documentation for Maemo developers.
  • Get a critical mass of people interested in pushing forward UX meets Code activities online and face to face.

Way of working

Every day has a similar flexible structure:

  • 9:00 - Starting with a briefing about the topic: presentation + Q&A.
  • 11:00 - About 2h discussion and collaboration on a real project.
  • 13:00 - Lunch
  • 14:00 - 2nd real project.
  • 16:00 - 3rd real project.
  • 18:00 - Recap
  • 18:30-ish - Enjoy the city!

All the activity happens in a big room (official capacity for 70 people).

The group activityon a project can happen in one side and you can be doing your own thing on the other side if you prefer. Free flow!

You should be able to find some time during the day to get some opinions and help from one of the experts about specific details of your project.


There are still slots available (marked with FIXME), so projects need to be proposed in this thread - please help!

11:00-12:00 liqbase Calendar FIXME gPodder
16:00-18:00 Video Editor FIXME FIXME


UX specialists willing to help and learn about your specific problems:

  • Martin Schuele - Principal UI designer for N900
  • Mox Soini - Interaction Designer, Concepting
  • Steffen Halme - Graphic Designer specializing in icons
  • Martin Gimpl - Graphic Designer, Concepting, Transistions, Graphics
  • Jussi Maaniitty - UX Management, Concepting
  • Juha Vartiainen (unconfirmed) - Interaction Design, Concepting, Application UI design
  • Jaakko Viitanen (unconfirmed) - Interaction Design, Concepting, Application UI design
  • Arabella David, Design & User Experience Program Manager @ Forum Nokia
  • Sanna Häivalainen, UX Specialist @ Forum Nokia
  • Tuomas Kuosmanen - Senior Designer @ Nokia
  • Adele Simula - UX Graphic Designer, Concepting, Layout Design, Graphics

Community developers and designers:

  • We are working on the list of confirmed participants right now.


If you want to be invited please provide in this thread:

  • Your profile making sure that there one can find info about or links to your current projects and your interests in Code or UX.
  • If you are more into Code, a link to the app hosted in, either under Fremantle packages or OS2008 Downloads.
  • If you are more into UX, a link to wherever your work can be seen.

Forward this to your colleagues working on great stuff!

For budgeting and also practical purposes we will keep the number of participants around 50 people even if we get more requests. The criteria will be defined more or less by fast response, travel costs, community involvement and of course Maemo excellence in Code or UX.

Manos a la obra: Maemo para desarrolladores

(Get started with Maemo 5 development - activity in Spanish)

Actividad coordinada por Daniel Wilms - Maemo Devices.

Estamos definiendo la agenda y nos adaptamos al interés de la audiencia. Trae tu portátil. Inscripción libre y gratuita.

De momento proponemos estos temas. Añade tu nombre enlazado a tu perfil de en los temas que te interesan. Donde tengamos experto y audienca confirmaremos la sesión. Si no hay masa crítica, pues...

  • Maemo SDK - puesta a punto - Daniel Wilms.
    • Me interesa: Marc Mauri, Josep Roura
  • Primeros pasos con Eclipse IDE - se busca experto.
  • Primeros pasos con KDevelop - KDE España
    • Me interesa:
  • Primeros pasos con Hildon/GTK+ - Alberto Garcia
  • Primeros pasos con Qt - se busca experto.
  • De Python a Maemo - se busca experto.
  • Portar aplicaciones de KDE a Maemo - KDE España
    • Me interesa: Marc Mauri
  • Portar aplicaciones de GNOME a Maemo - Felipe Erias
    • Me interesa: Marc Mauri
  • Home Widgets: native, HTML... - se busca experto.
  • Extensiones de Firefox Mobile - se busca experto.
  • OpenGL ES en Maemo - se busca experto.
    • Me interesa:


Barcelona is a great place to discuss about localization, with a multilingual setting and an excellent track of free software L10n projects pushed by local communities.

If there is enough interest we could organize a workshop about the 2010 Objective Community localization taking Catalan as a test case.


There is a proposal to host a workshop about improving the documentation. No more details at this stage but we might have the right people from the Maemo team and Forum Nokia. It will depend on whether we get critical mass or not. If documentation is you main focus register now!

A call to the local communities

This is a call to all the local communities interested in free software with a potential interest in Maemo as well. Mozilla, GNOME, KDE, Hispalinux, Debian, LUGs, CreativeCommons... you name it. Esperamos vuestras propuestas / Esperem les vostres propostes.

Sponsored participants

We have some budget to sponsor the travel and accommodation of selected contributors. If you want to request sponsorship do it when registering.

Sponsored participants need to arrange their trip with the travel agency. You will receive the information in the email with the sponsorship approval.


We have booked 15 double rooms for the accommodation at NH Cornellà.

If you're a sponsored participant please add your name to the Shared Room Allocations table.

If you live in Barcelona and are willing to host people, feel free to add your name to the Hosting in Barcelona page.

Initial list of interested attendees

This list is now obsolete.
Please register for this event at the registration page!
(You need to register even if you have put your name in this list previously!)
Name Nick Attendance Main interests Coming from Comments / Comentarios / Comentaris
Adele Simula aSIMULAtor Requested UX, Graphic Design Helsinki, FI UX Graphic Designer Maemo 5
Alberto Garcia agarcia Requested Maemo, Hildon/GTK Corunha, ES Hildon and Vagalume developer
Alex Fiestas afiestasl Requested Maemo app dev, KDE Barcelona, ES KDE Spain, kbluetooth, solid, Kamoso
Aleix Pol apol Requested Maemo app dev, KDE Barcelona, ES KDE Spain, KDE Edu, KDevelop, Kamoso
Álvaro Villalba Navarro lostevil Requested Maemo applications development Barcelona, ES Informatics Engineering Student
Andrea Borgia aboaboit Requested Maemo applications development Bologna, IT OpenVPN packager
Andrea Grandi andy80 Accepted Maemo applications development Valencia, ES PyMaemo developer and CarrierInformation, QMediaShare/Qt4 libraries
Aniello Del Sorbo anidel Accepted Maemo applications development London, UK author of the Xournal port to Maemo
Cornelius Hald conny Requested Maemo applications development Dresden, DE Author of Conboy and recently a bit involvement with community translations
Daniel Martin Yerga yerga Accepted Have fun, be rich and Maemo applications development Avilés, Spain My main project is MaStory (formerly WordPy). Be prepared for my bad English.
Dave Neary dneary Requested Maemo documentation, usability and design (esp. wrt GNOME) Lyon, France Would love to attend, happy to cede my place to a more UX focused person
Daniele Maio b0unc3 Requested Maemo applications development Sicily, IT Maemo developer
Edward Hervey bilboed Requested GStreamer, video editing Barcelona, CAT GStreamer, PiTiVi, GNonLin, .
Felipe Erias Morandeira femorandeira Requested Maemo development. Interaction design and evaluation of usability. York, UK Maemo developer, currently studying a MSc on Interaction Design
Gary Birkett lcuk Requested Ideas prototyping. thinking outside the box ! Manchester England liqbase cocreation
Gil Forcada gforcada Planned Maemo localization, application development and have fun! Molins de Rei It's 10 minutes away by train!!
Janaina Pilomia jpilomia Planned Parallel tracks, videos, meeting people Finland Helping out with stuff
Javier S. Pedro javispedro Planned Maemo application development and meeting key people Barcelona Author of DrNokSnes, packager of OpenTTD and DOSBox
Josep Roura netoak Planned Learn maemo5 development and UI design, testing and localization Girona, ES Computer engineer. Coming in train or own car
Josep Torra AD-N770 Requested Maemo app dev, GStreamer Igualada, ES Author of Tuner Tool and Nethack port. I'll come with my own car.
Joshua Richards joshuamaverick Requested Maemo UI Dev, Meeting key people, Designing until I die Toronto, Ontario Designed icons, mock ups, wallpapers and elements for maemo
Keywan N. Tonekaboni prometoys Requested UI design and testing, new approaches in UX, usability Bielefeld, Germany Master student in Media Science (part of it is HCI/UX/Usability), no need for accomodation
Krzysztof Kucharewicz kriksu Requested Maemo application development, meeting key people Barcelona, Spain Friday only, twitter @_kriksu
Manrique Lopez jsmanrique Planned UI design, usability, and meet some friends Gijon, ES Only Saturday and Sunday
Marc Mauri opengeekv2 Planned Learn maemo5 development and UI design, testing and localization Barcelona, ES 2nd year student of IT on FIB, UPC
Marc Ordinas i Llopis marcoil Requested UX, l10n, Hildon Mallorca Hildon desktop developer
Matteo Nerozzi Matteone Requested Maemo applications development Bologna, IT Computer engineer
Mike Morrison mike_morrison Requested Maemo application development Victoria, BC, Canada quiver and gtktide, forum request
Miquel Canes mcanes Requested Maemo applications development Barcelona, ES
Miguel Peres mperes Requested UX, Graphic and Interaction Design, Rapid Prototyping Recife, Brazil Designer in Canola 1, Canola 2, Carman, E-Coach, GPS Camera
Patricia Montenegro patifa Requested UX, graphic and interaction design Recife, Brazil Interaction designer in Canola 2 and Carman
Quim Gil qgil Planned Organization, meeting people Helsinki Attendance depends on the additional activities
Tamara Baia tamara Requested UX and interaction design Recife, Brazil Interaction designer in Canola 1 and 2, Carman
Thomas Perl thp Accepted Maemo / UX testing Vienna, AT gPodder, Panucci, Tennix (project links)
Tim Teulings framstag Requested Maemo / finger friendly UX design / feedback regarding own apps Bonn, Germany Author of a number of (smaller) maemo applications (see profile)
Marco Trioschi sugarcult81 Requested Maemo applications development Ravenna, IT Computer engineer
Valério Valério VDVsx Requested Maemo / UI dev, parallel activities Lisbon/Faro, PT Author of BlueMaemo
Zaheer Merali zaheerm Requested Maemo app dev, GStreamer London, UK GStreamer, Flumotion, Coherence, MaemoSpykee, Nahjul etc.