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* [[Contributing to the wiki]] guide
* [[Contributing to the wiki]] guide
* [[Developer Guide table of contents]] sketch
* [[Developer Guide table of contents]] sketch
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[edit] Documentation workshop

This wiki page is complemented by this discussion thread

A Documentation workshop was held as part of the Maemo Long Weekend in Barcelona. The needs of user and developer documentation for were discussed during a half day, and have a "docfest" to work on a specific wiki task for another half day.

Just now our minds are being boggled by questions on Maemo documentation. Things like: what kind of info is needed, by what kinds of users, how should it be structured so that everyone finds what they need, what's the easiest way for you to add information, questions, answers, etc? How can we get more and better info onto, how can we get beginners up and running in the quickest way possible? What questions are boggling your mind? Where do you look for answers?

And most of all: how should Maemo documentation be produced in the future? How can we ensure that community participation in documentation writing and maintenance continues to be possible?

Join us to brainstorm on this important area!

In addition, we are asking people for short interviews on their exepriences with Maemo documentation throughout the weekend. This involves chocolate!

[edit] Schedule

Friday 4th December
Attend UX meets Code sessions, and find out expectations developers have of Maemo developer documentation
Participate in discussions of UX documentation
Saturday 5th December
Brainstorming session, around the following core goal - how can we structure Maemo documentation and infrastructure to best facilitate work on Maemo? This question leads to others:
  • What do Maemo developers expect from documentation on
  • What do community documentation contributors expect from infrastructure?
  • What are the various roles of and
  • How can we ensure that the Maemo wiki grows in a healthy way?
  • Should the focus of efforts be on writing new material or on cleaning up existing material?
  • What are the main places where newcomers look for information?
  • Where do more experienced Maemo community members go for information?

Working session to improve some content in the wiki and on
  • Consolidate and improve FAQs
  • Improve navigation to wiki from & within wiki
  • Work on as an introduction & filter page for new Maemo visitors
Sunday 6th December
Continue workshop from Saturday, or participate in UX meets Code workshop (to be decided)

[edit] Participants

[edit] Notes

[edit] Dave Neary


  • Need aggregation pages which give you a summary of everything to do

with X - link collections.

  • Search on sucks for finding answers to questions. Straight

Google search works better.

  • Need to be able to link directly to the user guide & style guides from

the wiki. Need to be able to link to sections

  • Intro does not serve any of target audiences
  • Search bar on isn't very obvious on Support or Development
  • No obvious way to navigate to a list of all applications à la Nokia's

"community applications" page

Gap analysis

  • Need help! (Support page) (Improved, but needs more work)
  • Page(s) pointing to code samples with a description of what they do -

links need to be in developer guide too

  • Signposting - sites, roles, when are we in a wiki, when are we not?

Concrete results