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== Minutes ==
== Minutes ==
Primary actions are in the [[ Sprints/April 09]] page.
Primary actions are in the [[ Sprints/April 09]] page.

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[edit] Agenda

Date/time: Monday, 2009-04-06 13:30 UTC
Location: #maemo-meeting IRC channel
Invitees: Quim Gil*, Niels Breet, Jeremiah Foster, Dave Neary*, Andre Klapper, Patrik Hirvinen, Henri Bergius, Tero Koko, Daniel Wilms, Ferenc Szekely, Community Council
* declined
  1. Review of Sprints/March 09 tasks
    1. Quim - via email, see below
    2. Patrik
    3. Ferenc
    4. Henri
    5. Niels
    6. Andre
    7. Jeremiah
    8. Dave - via email, see below
  2. Committing of April sprint tasks - including end dates
    1. Anyone
  3. AOB
    1. Anyone

[edit] Quim Gil's status report - Nothing done from my side. I need to deliver those texts in the April sprint, otherwise I'm risking a crisis relationship with Jussi, owner of  :) updated with a section explaining the current status. Should go better back to the backlog since I'm basically waiting for the Maemo SW localization team to evaluate the tools and see which one could be better adapted to the Harmattan UI & localization processes. Nothing done from my side. The task can probably be dropped from the sprint as I don't see it anymore as a task that requires to be completed but as an ongoing work of documentation where anybody can participate. I can explain more if you wish.

[edit] Dave Neary's status report

Modified election software Ran the council election Maemo Summit - I need to co-ordinate with Kees on this, I have time in April for this. Implementing style (my name's not on the task, but I'm co-ordinating it): Feels about 60% to 70% finished, and I am looking forward to Neithan and Niels to start requesting feedback on pages they think are done any day now.

[edit] Minutes

Primary actions are in the Sprints/April 09 page.