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** Yesterday: Worked on Extras stats, website debugging and attended meeting.
** Yesterday: Worked on Extras stats, website debugging and attended meeting.
** Today: Publish IRC log for meeting, investigate spam in bugzilla, look at google indexation of bugzilla, investigate spamassassin issues for lists, work on new styling for
** Today: Publish IRC log for meeting, investigate spam in bugzilla, look at google indexation of bugzilla, investigate spamassassin issues for lists, work on new styling for

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January 2009 Sprint planning


Ongoing tasks carried here from the previous sprint + New tasks committed by their owners in the sprint meeting. They come from the tasks in the Backlog and the Proposals.

Completed Good progress Just standing Some help needed! Really stuck/delayed
Committed Task Owner  % Highlights
2008-09-30 Task:Reducing number of external repositories Niels 40% Contacted most owners. Had a lot of positive responses, but need to gently push most of them again..
2008-09-30 Task:Open Source Proof Points Quim 5% Nothing done in this sprint, sigh.
2008-11-04 Karma for applications Hirvinen 0%
2008-11-04 Finalise design for Dave DONE
2008-11-04 Finalise layout for Dave & Tim 70% Wireframe and content done. Awaiting design by Glaubert.
2008-11-04 Task:Texts for Quim 20% Drafted the "Open Source" part, but need to complete out of this sprint.
2008-11-04 Define what is needed to get git up on Tero 80% Talk page up at Git for garage, Plans up at Git For Garage. 80% because discussion still takes place. But nothing stopping from moving ahead.
2008-12-03 Task:Implement new layout and style Henri/Niels 20%
2008-12-03 Objective:Community localization Quim 10% Objective roadmapped in Harmattan, all details need to be figured out
2008-01-07 Plan to redesign Downloads and add functionality Niels 30% Need to pick ideas to commit to in next Sprint

Bugs in product Website

The bugs assigned in the last sprint meeting are marked as HIGH. The bugs proposed for the next sprint are marked as MEDIUM. Only product/component maintainers can change this status. Comment on a bug if you want to push it up. Check also those marked as EASYFIX.

What follows are the bugs that need special attention/progress.

For the record:

IDSeverityProductStatusResolutionSummary (11 tasks) Assignee WebsiteNEWComments on should automatically contain version numberAslan Venejoki WebsiteNEWVisualize rating creation date and related software versionHenri Bergius WebsiteRESOLVEDFIXEDAdd RSS feeds to community portalFerenc Szekely WebsiteRESOLVEDFIXEDDeveloper documentation portal needs revisionDave Neary WebsiteRESOLVEDWONTFIXExplicit feedback channelsTero Kojo WebsiteRESOLVEDFIXEDAfter logging in to Wiki, immediately not logged on next pageNiels Breet WebsiteRESOLVEDFIXED"Download" links in Garage's viewcvs appears to be brokenFerenc Szekely WebsiteRESOLVEDINVALIDEnabling extras-devel repository breaks application installer due to an error in the Packages fileMarcell Lengyel WebsiteRESOLVEDFIXEDReorganizing components in BugzillaAndre Klapper WebsiteVERIFIEDFIXEDDetaching thumbs down from karmaPatrik Hirvinen WebsiteNEWList Maemo Bugzilla code changes, upstream backports & customizationsunassigned

Activity log

Latest activity report goes on top.

Tuesday 2009-02-03
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Moved the referendum debate along, but didn't really close the discussion.
    • Today: Working out some stats based on the karma of those who voted last election.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on website regressions, planned Sprint meeting and had some discussions about syncing downloads to and TestLink.
    • Today: Work on new styling for downloads, screenshot regeneration.
  • Bergie
    • Today: relative style paths
Monday 2009-02-02
  • Niels
    • Friday: Worked on new styles and looked at regenerating screenshot thumbnails for new site.
    • Today: Plan Sprint meeting, work on new styling.
  • Bergie
    • Today: looking at URL generation
Friday 2009-01-30
  • Dave
    • This week: Sat in on job interviews for Debmaster, and generally helped out with the interview process, organised & ran web design meeting on Tuesday, contributed to election process debate and looked into openstv some more, worked on some graphics stuff for the new site.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on new styling. Debugged some proxy issues. Worked on some website issues.
    • Today: Fix a few website bugs and work on new styling on internal machine.
  • Bergie
    • Today: relative style paths, post-.3 RSS issue
Thursday 2009-01-29
  • Andre
    • Yesterday: Reading diffs (see bug 3846 for the whole story); the normal repetitive bug business
    • Today: Same as yesterday. Yeah, not that exciting, I know. Move along, nothing to see here! ;-)
    • Niels: [echo]
  • Niels
    • Tuesday: Worked on styling, attended webdesign meeting. Fixed some repository issues.
    • Yesterday: Upgraded to Midgard ragnaroek 8.09.3 and worked on some related issues.
    • Today: Work on new styling, add more scalable elements to standard pages.
    • Problem: What are the others doing? Hello? [echo] [echo]
  • Bergie
    • Yesterday: Maemo ragnaroek .3 upgrade and some bug fixes
    • Today: working around having disappeared, some bug fixes
Tuesday 2009-01-27
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Autobuilder issues. Worked on new styling and caching issues for
    • Today: Work on styles, attend webdesign meeting.
Monday 2009-01-26
  • Niels
    • Friday: Blogged about Downloads improvement ideas. Worked on newstyle vhost. Added new wiki plugins and worked on wiki search indexing. Tweaked mysql for a bit.
    • Today: Look at autobuilder issues, work on new styling.
Friday 2009-01-23
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Specify list of pages/items that need a design from glaubert. Had some nice discussions about Downloads (Need to blog about that). Tweaked wiki settings, installed plugin. Worked on fluid layout a bit.
    • Today: Blog about Downloads improvement ideas. Work on new styling for Downloads for the newstyle vhost.
Thursday 2009-01-22
  • Andre
    • Yesterday: Triage some bugs in unconfirmed state; bug 3846; having fun with scratchbox crashing my entire system
    • Today: The normal Triaging/Forwarding business; more bug 3846 (hope to succeed in getting a *useful* diff against debian upstream package)
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on new styling, had some discussions and attended webdesign meeting.
    • Today: Specify list of pages/items that need a design from glaubert, work on downloads improvement ideas.
Wednesday 2009-01-21
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on styling. HTML + CSS work. Synced changes from old style to new one in svn.
    • Today: Webdesign meeting, work on downloads improvement ideas. Work on new styling.
Tuesday 2009-01-20
  • Andre
    • Yesterday: Triage weekend's new bugs; take a look at Quim's Fremantle bug comments; quick look at bug 4019; Feature jar
    • Today: Mostly lots of bug triaging; internal report
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Fixed bug in Extras stats and get all missing stats. Applied bug #4010. Pushed web design.
    • Today: Work on new styling. (html + css work) Create fluid layout based on new design, so we can discuss it.
Monday 2009-01-19
  • Andre
    • Yesterfriday: off
    • Today: Triage weekend's new bugs; Feature jar; take a look at Quim's Fremantle bug comments
Friday 2009-01-16
  • Niels
    • Wednesday: Worked on jobs expiry. Worked on a better abstract algo for planet.
    • Yesterday: Worked on jobs expiry. Old jobs will now not be visible after the expiry date. (Can also be added for announcements if we want.) Worked on downloads improvement plan.
    • Today: Work on downloads improvement plan. Weigh in/work on web design.
  • Dave
    • Tuesday: Prepare & run web design meeting.
    • Wednesday: Lots of debate following on from the design meeting this week. How to include Talk
    • Yesterday: Followed up on feedback from the web design meeting on Tuesday. Started reviewing content of Support page.
    • Today: Make proposal for Support page, and ask Glaubert to lay out & design it. Follow up with Henri and Glaubert on deliverables that are due. Follow up on fixed-width vs fluid-width comment by Ryan.
Wednesday 2009-01-14
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: web design meeting, worked on site. Installed ragnaroek .3 release on internal machine.
    • Today: Work on/plan new style. Prepare midgard upgrade for
Tuesday 2009-01-13
  • Andre
    • Yesterday: bug 3846, catch up with bugmail/ITt, general bugtriage etc.
    • Today: bug 3846, upstream some busybox issues, work on internal report stuff
Monday 2009-01-12
  • Niels
    • Friday: Final tests for ragnaroek .3RC3 on internal machine, look at some design issues.
    • Today: Publish new Extras stats, tune database server a bit. Work on better downloads wiki page.
Friday 2009-01-09
  • Niels:
    • Yesterday: Published IRC log for meeting, worked on spam and search bot spidering issues on Investigated spamassassin issues.
    • Today: Test ragnaroek .3RC3 on internal machine, discuss some design issues.
Thursday 2009-01-08
  • Andre
    • Yesterday: getting overview for bug 3846; meeting
    • Today: bug 3711; reproduce some core issues in Fremantle; work on bug 3846
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on Extras stats, website debugging and attended meeting.
    • Today: Publish IRC log for meeting, investigate spam in bugzilla, look at google indexation of bugzilla, investigate spamassassin issues for lists, work on new styling for