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! width="20%" | Owner?
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These tasks are proposed to be included in the development backlog. See how to push a task for details. Also check the low priority bugs.

Nothing stops you from pushing a proposed task and even completing it if you are able. :)

New & Renewed

These proposals will be reviewed in the next sprint meeting. They should either be new or brought from the Reviewed list below, and they should link to a wiki page or a bug report.

Added Reviewed Task Owner?


These task have been reviewed and are waiting for better times. Feel free to push any of these. Once a proposal is ready you can move it to the (Re)New(ed) subsection for review in the next sprint meeting.

Added Reviewed Task Owner?
Define policies for things like editbugs, getting email addresses, svn access Dave
News archives improved.
Task:Single-click publishing for Garage Needs owner IRC feeds Ryan


These task have been killed, you may renew them if you really feel the need, but please have a good reason in hand. ;)

Added Killed Task Reason
Maemo Community calendar beta It was decided to discontinue this project.