Maemo Summit 2009/Call for content

Call for content

The Maemo community invites you to participate in the second Maemo Summit in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from October 9th to October 11th 2009. The core themes of the conference will be Fremantle and Harmattan; the forthcoming and future releases of the Maemo platform.

The Maemo community invites talks, lightning presentations and BOFs in three main tracks:

  • Users: Presentations for people who want to get the most out of their Maemo-based hardware, or who are interested in contributing to the Maemo community.
  • Application developers: Developers who want to take the platform as it is, and use it to make useful stuff. (Not sure about this one. Seems a little fragmented. Can't think of something better at the moment, leave it with me).
  • Platform developers: Hardcore hackers working on the Maemo platform or one of its components.

We are asking for two types of submissions:

  • 30 minute long presentations, BOFs or workgroup sessions.
  • 5 minute long lightning talks.

We invite people to submit a short description of the session they would like to give, including the talk title, intended audience, a short description, a short biographical note (1 or 2 sentences) and contact details of the presenter(s). This information should be added to the Maemo wiki at (give url). Instructions for submitting proposals can be found at htt://

We also welcome proposals for 5 minute lightning talks which will be held each day during the conference.

The submissions received will be reviewed periodically by the content committee starting on July 5th. Sessions approved will be communicated to the speakers and published in a draft schedule asap.

The final deadline for submissions will be September 13th but the sooner you submit your proposal the better chances you will have to get a slot.

The final schedule will be published on that week.

Call for content template (DRAFT)

  • Title(provisional)
  • Intended audience (users/application developers/platform developers)
  • Duration
  • Abstract/description
  • Additional Information (optional)
  • Author name and contact details
  • Author bio