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* Add your url here (newer first)
* Add your url here (newer first)
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* [ Linux Journal - Event Calendar]

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The Maemo Summit is a showcase for the Maemo community, so it's important to get the word out.

You can help us promote the event in several ways:



By timsamoff

Image:Maesum09_banner_tim.png File:Ms09-logo 01.png File:Ms09-logo 02.png File:Ms09-logo 02b.png File:Ms09-logo 02c.png Image:Ms09-logo_02d.png File:Ms09-logo 03.png File:Ms09-logo 03b.png File:Ms09-logo 04.png

By baloo:


By wazd


Web Badges


Maemo Summit in the news

  • Add your url here (newer first)

Social networks


  • Press releases? On what subject, who will draft & issue, how?
  • Press - inviting journalists, issuing press passes, organising interview schedules
  • Analysts - do we want to invite any?
  • Live (micro)blogging - Twitter/Jaiku # to use, promoting Maemo Summit on blogs, collecting blog posts - leverage
  • Embargoed announcements - co-ordinate with Nokia to build buzz around big news, if there is any.