Mer/Proposals/Vendor Hardware Repositories

(Nokia for Nokia N800 and N810)
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* initfs: bt-cal
* initfs: bt-cal
* initfs: /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/bc4fw.bin
* initfs: /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/bc4fw.bin

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Vendor hardware repositories

Needed from vendor

  • tar.gz or zip (marked B in the following) containing closed source bits provided to
  • EULA (E) for users of their devices to follow regarding the closed source bits.
  • EULA should not limit Mer/Maemo variants/other device OS developers ability to repackage the bits for proper inclusion into Mer/Maemo variants/other device OS under scheme.
  • List (L) for containing valid MAC address/serial numbers that these closed source bits may be distributed to.
  • Permission for to distribute the tar.gz/zip and repackaged versions of the contained closed source bits under the EULA to the valid MAC address/serial numbers.

Flow chart for download system


Procedure when proper information received from vendor

  • staff sets up download system with E and D as access restrictions
  • staff publishes B within download system
  • Mer/Maemo variants/other device OS developer C, downloads B after accepting E and providing a valid MAC address/serial within list L based on his/her ownership of the device.
  • C develops:
    • Scripts/recipes that will generate Debian repository which will become the base repository token repositories will point to.
    • Scripts/recipes that will generate firmware images based on base repository and open source images. Firmware images will ask for token upon startup at device in order to download.
    • Provides these to staff
  • staff activates scripts&recipes and sets up system linking token repositories to base repository.
  • C and staff continues updating scripts&recipe.

Lists of closed source bits needed from vendors

Nokia for Nokia N800 and N810

Bug priority and other nice gestures for complete HW support:

  • Hints on how to interface BME, stlc45xx-cal, bt-cal, wlan-cal with a Fremantle open DSME, with closed libcal.
  • Opening the flasher (low priority)
  • Further cooperation in order to be able to generate a proper initfs with open DSME within


  • libcal (can be closed source) and associated header file for compiling with open DSME.


  • BME and attached libraries
  • Ideally libbmeipc-dev (information request only APIs OK)
  • Package hald-addon-bme


  • Package osso-dsp-modules-rx-44



  • initfs: /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/3825.arm
  • initfs: /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/3826.arm
  • initfs: /usr/sbin/wlan-cal
  • initfs: /usr/sbin/wlan-fw-update
  • initfs: /lib/modules/.../umac.ko
  • stlc45xx-cal


  • initfs: bt-cal
  • initfs: /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/bc4fw.bin