Use Mer/Releases/0.15testing7 instead!

By using these testing images, you're morally obligated to test them and to edit this page and report -every single bug you find-, no matter if they're theme flaws, quirks, bugs or crashes. You can optionally also use bugzilla , use version 0.15.


Please send the bug report urls to mer-chatter (see Mer/Awareness ) as well and share your bugs, testing experiences.

Test master is Meizirkki, and can be found in #mer on usually and you can ask him if there's some specialized areas that need testing. Take the "Completed" things first. If you are testing, go to #mer anyway. Good place to be.

These images will not be the only ones this week. In N8x0 installer, when it asks for URL=, write URL=http://the.image.intended. Instructions on Mer/Documentation/Installation still apply.

These images may potentially turn your device into a insane machine bent on removing humanity from this earth and may potentially brick your device, so, NO WARRANTY.

Mer X86 VMDK

Mer X86 rootfs version

Not out yet:

Mer N8x0, rootfs version

Mer SmartQ5, firmware version

Mer SmartQ7, firmware version

Mer Freerunner, rootfs version (copy /boot to your boot partition)


486512028b8b14e8b410bf2094e8453b  mer-x86-generic-image-v0.15testing6.tar.gz

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  • (in progress of getting fixed) - Chinese translations are broken.
  • N8x0: Xorg acts weird
  • N8x0: hald-addon-bme has "batery.reporing.last_full"
  • Missing translations for default locale (En_US) mainly in Application manager (ai_ti_main, ai_li_size_100kb, ai_li_size_max_99kb, aibddetailsclose, ai_ia_select_location, ai_fi_select_location_application, ai_fi_select_location_location, aibdselectlocationok, aibdselectlocationcancel, ai_ni_install_sucessful) , but also in Settings ("tncpa_ap_tn_sb", "tncpa_ti_tnsb_title", "tncpa_fi_tnsb_applications", "tncpa_bv_tnsb_organise", basically most if not *all* that beging with "tncpa_", there is too many to retype here, almost nothing is translated there, apart from some names of applets)
  • FineFileManager installed from Application Manager does not display any files nor directories and has missing icon in the bottom toolbar.
  • Tear has missing "home" icon in bottom toolbar
  • The "Are you sure you wish to reboot?" window is broken. It appears in the upper-left corner, without decoration, the left and top sides of the window are cut off. The strings for Yes and No buttons are missing ("wdgtbdyes" and "wdgtbdno"). By the way, this goes against many user interface guidelines. The buttons should say "Reboot" and "Cancel" instead of "Yes" and "No".
  • The same issue as above applies to confirming shutdown and offline mode. Obviously, the buttons should be "Shut down/Cancel" and "Go Offline/Cancel", respectively.
  • Cannot click on links while browsing with tear under Vmware image (vm bug or tear bug?)
  • Mirage installed from Application Manager does not launch. Crashes on ImportError: No module named osso in /usr/share/mirage/ line 35 "import osso"
    • Issue is due to python-osso not supporting python2.5 (stskeeps)
  • Missing icons in Terminal bottom toolbar Screenshot
  • Settings app entry should have an icon (not just the default one); Screenshot
  • Inconsistency in icon size and style. Example: tear should have a bigger icon. Mer project should define a standard size for icons so that packagers know what icons they should pack in their app. Screenshot
  • Installing (through app manager) an app shorcut to any other folder than "extras" has no effect. The app entry always end up in extras (I tried to install Tear in "Internet" -> ends up in "extras". Same for several apps).
  • HomeIP applet installed from Application Manager, cannot be selected to show on homescreen (selecting it has no effect).
    • python-hildondesktop broken?
  • hildon-desktop-env needs dependancy on hildon-application-manager-l10n-public-enus1 hildon-common-strings-l10n-public-enus1 hildon-control-panel-l10n-public-enus1 hildon-fm-l10n-public-enus1 hildon-input-method-l10n-public-enus1 hildon-libs-l10n-public-enus1 ke-recv-l10n-public-enus1 maemo-af-desktop-l10n-public-enus1 osso-games-l10n-public-enus1 osso-system-lock-l10n-public-enus1 osso-uri-l10n-public-enus1