By using these testing images, you're morally obligated to test them and to edit this page and report -every single bug you find-, no matter if they're theme flaws, quirks, bugs or crashes. You can optionally also use bugzilla , use version 0.15.


Please send the bug report urls to mer-chatter (see Mer/Awareness ) as well and share your bugs, testing experiences.

Test master is Meizirkki, and can be found in #mer on usually and you can ask him if there's some specialized areas that need testing. Take the "Completed" things first. If you are testing, go to #mer anyway. Good place to be.

These images will not be the only ones this week. In N8x0 installer, when it asks for URL=, write URL=http://the.image.intended. Instructions on Mer/Documentation/Installation still apply.

These images may potentially turn your device into a insane machine bent on removing humanity from this earth and may potentially brick your device, so, NO WARRANTY.

CURRENT VERSION: 0.16testing3

Mer X86 VMDK

Mer X86 rootfs version

Mer N8x0 kernel, not for JFFS version

Mer N8x0, rootfs version

Mer N8x0, JFFS version, use with JFFS kernel

Mer N8x0 kernel, JFFS version

Mer 770, rootfs version

Mer SmartQ5, firmware version

Mer SmartQ7, firmware version

Mer SmartQ5, rootfs version

Mer SmartQ7, rootfs version

For use with QEMU & KVM, download the Mer X86 VMDK version, unzip, and convert to a qcow2 image with the qemu-img convert command.


eb38f44b8ea196a5d1fccd07bfebdbad  mer-armel-770-image-v0.16testing3.tar.gz
afa571d89aaf328be68c3e0b8d94b436  mer-armel-n8x0-flashrootfs-v0.16testing3.zImage
8e88e7126edde8618e90387adfd0ae89  mer-armel-n8x0-image-v0.16testing3.jffs2
dee1ef1dd3e46319a67027b76448ca5f  mer-armel-n8x0-image-v0.16testing3.jffs2.raw
cce4fcfbe7c6f6d431a26b5ecb559446  mer-armel-n8x0-image-v0.16testing3.tar.gz
8c5396913f7879c681e8f9080e4c2d0e  mer-armel-n8x0-standard-v0.16testing3.zImage
0b28407d64169b4fe069a00d460ae6f9  mer-armel-smartq5-image-v0.16testing3.SmartQ5
7efd887cddcd7214441ea3937db90860  mer-armel-smartq5-rootfs-v0.16testing3.tar.gz
0e7c96e5f3f9f6909d32b8b9868c5b7a  mer-armel-smartq7-image-v0.16testing3.SmartQ7
d23c87c4de1075b87ffd7b6d93051ec3  mer-armel-smartq7-rootfs-v0.16testing3.tar.gz
87a65dcceb1f702030df0b9edbf32094  mer-x86-generic-image-v0.16testing3.tar.gz

Bugs in 0.16testing3

Insert bugs here.

  • [Nokia n810] Unable to enter WPA password, dialog box is empty. 0.15 does not have this problem
  • [Nokia n810] hildon-application-manager crashes. Output here.
  • [SmartQ7] After installation, on-screen keyboard is completely white and has no key symbols

Bugs in 0.16testing2

Please test bugs in and see if they still persist. Otherwise add them below:

  • [Nokia n810] Fn not working in first-boot-wizard - Stskeeps: expected testing4
  • [Nokia n800] Could not pass first-boot-wizard "Type your full name" (don´t have a usb keyboard to test with it/screen keyboard do not appear with stylus or with finger) Stskeeps: maemo-launcher wasn't being run, expected fix in testing3 "marshel: fixed in testing3"
  • [SmartQ7] As above, could not pass "Type your full name". No soft keyboard and usb keyboard did not work. as above
  • [SmartQ5 & Q7] Wifi-enabler not working, lacking unzip. The file 47smartq-firmware misplaced and in DOS-format. Stskeeps: expected fix in testing4
    • Workaround: Copy contents of /etc/47smartq-firmware and make new file: /etc/first-boot.d/47smartq-firmware
    • Don't forget to make read/executable (chmod a+rx /etc/first-boot.d/47smartq-firmware) Stskeeps: not needed
    • Install unzip_5.52-12ubuntu1_armel.deb, reboot and presto - wizard runs. Stskeeps: Expected in testing4
  • [SmartQ5 & Q7] Application manager doesn't work. Starts but nothing more.
    • Try plugging in the bluetooth dongle... spooky... (the log shows : get btadapter: No such adapter)

PS.: at 3pm@GMT the trac above cited is offline. Stskeeps: yeah, power cut in my city'.