Mer/Ubuntu MID

On Thursday 2th May 2009 Ubuntu MID decided to use Mer as their upstream.

#ubuntu-mobile meeting 3 June

IRC logs are available.

  • ISSUE: version tracking. Eg Maemo/hildon gtk will freeze
  • ISSUE: How should Ubuntu best produce images (eg ISOs are easy but may need rootfs or extractor script)
  • ACTION: Support/provide release commits like this :
  • ACTION: Review objectves of Mer->Ubuntu upload and determine timing (:Testing2 or just :Stable) with persia
  • ACTION: Produce workflow to be quilt and git-branch based persia/NCommander
  • ACTION: Contact Nokia re making Mer upstream for open development of Gtk (via gitorious cf Trolltech/Qt)
  • ACTION: Page listing apps for featureful release and status/links
  • ACTION: Update Mer Sprints page to show schedule sync and crosslink to KarmicReleaseSchedule
  • ACTION: GrueMaster to put up a target list of 'tested' hardware
  • ACTION : YokoZar Ubuntu code needs to poke /usr/share/branding/(some to be defined hierarchy standard) then filled with a branding-ubuntu package
  • ACTION : persia/NCommander to hack the appmgr to work as needed