Miniature/Development/Phase 0: Project setup

The goal of this phase is to have all the elements in place to start the development, get feedback and contributors.

[edit] Checklist


  1. Code repository - DONE
  2. Garage project - DONE
  3. Developer list - DONE
  4. Documentation wiki - DONE
  5. User Talk thread - DONE

[edit] Progress

[edit] Backstage

  1. Setup development environment
    1. DONE: Miniature is hosted @ Gitorious. It uses the community port of Qt and autotroll. Warning: Miniature uses the no_keyword switch since some of the Qt macros have very common names that can lead to wierd debug sessions. It's defensive programming, and not too bad, really.
  2. Setup communication channels
    1. DONE: ML @ Garage: [1]
    2. DONE: IRC channel @ #miniature @

About setting up the environment