N900 Resources

This page lists relavent resources and information that is of use in working with the binary blobs on the N900 Maemo Fremantle OS or otherwise working with the phone beyond the stock Nokia SDK.


Maemo.org Wiki pages

Links to source that is relevant for Fremantle

Packages from the Fremantle SDK nokia-binaries containing useful information but which you may not know about

  • wappushd-dev interface to wappushd daemon
  • sharing-dialog-dev interface to sharing dialogs
  • profile-data-dev dev headers for accessing profile data
  • opengles-sgx-img-common-dev headers for the SGX drivers
  • libgles2-sgx-img-dev headers for the SGX drivers
  • libgles1-sgx-img-dev headers for the SGX drivers
  • libcsnet-dev header files describing the interface to the Phone.Net Dbus interface used for cell network information (signal strength, cell site changes, operator name/code changes, 2G/3G changes etc). This one is missing dependencies so you will have to force it to install and ignore the dependencies.
  • icd2-dev header files for icd2 daemon
  • hald-addon-bme Documentation contains information on how to talk to the BME HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) interface.
  • libcal-dev Interface to the configuration area on N900 phone.

Packages from the Harmattan SDK containing useful information not in the Fremantle SDK that may apply to Fremantle

  • libsysinfo-dev development headers for the Harmattan version of libsysinfo.
  • libicd2-dev development headers for the Harmattan version of libicd2.
  • libicd-network-wlan-dev development headers for the Harmattan version of icd2 wlan plugin.
  • libbmeipc-dev development headers for the Harmattan version of libbmeipc.
  • icd2-osso-ic-dev development headers for osso-ic library

Packages from the N900 device repository containing useful information in their documentation folders

Because the /usr/share/doc bit is removed on the device, you will need to use apt-get to download the .deb and extract the files from that

  • csd-gprs This pakage contains full documentation for the dbus interface in /usr/share/doc/csd-gprs
  • csd-call This package contains some example code of how one might call libcscall in /usr/share/doc/csd-call/README.gz. Not that useful without headers for libcscall but may provide some tidbits of info

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