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= Graphics resources required for maemo.org =
Graphics resources required for maemo.org
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! Name !! Current !! New
! Name !! Current !! New

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Graphics resources required for maemo.org

Name Current New
Thumbs up on bury.png
Thumbs up off not-buried.png
Thumbs up rollover not-buried-hover.png
Heart on favorite.png
Heart off not-favorite.png
Heart rollover not-favorite-hover.png
Star on orange_star.gif
Star off grey_star.gif
List Bullet 1 See front page
List Bullet 2 arrow.png
Online online.png
Offline offline.png
Default buddy icon None?
Default application no-screenshot.png
Add new application add-application.gif
Click to install install_button_small.png
Trash trash.png
Delete editdelete.png
Not abuse approved.png
OS2006 on os2006-green.gif deprecated
OS2006 off os2006-grey.gif deprecated
OS2007 on os2007-green.gif deprecated
OS2007 off os2007-grey.gif deprecated
OS2008 on os2008-green.gif deprecated
OS2008 off os2008-grey.gif deprecated
Maemo 3 on
Maemo 3 off
Maemo 4 on
Maemo 4 off
Maemo 5 on
Maemo 5 off
PC on pc-green.gif
PC off pc-grey.gif
Default avatar hackergotchi-notfound.png