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* [http://liferea.sourceforge.net/ Liferea]
* [http://liferea.sourceforge.net/ Liferea]
==== MAC OS ====
==== Mac OS X ====
* [http://www.newsfirerss.com/ NewsFire]
* [http://www.newsfirerss.com/ NewsFire]
* [http://www.newsgator.com/INDIVIDUALS/NETNEWSWIRE/ NetNewsWire]
* [http://www.newsgator.com/INDIVIDUALS/NETNEWSWIRE/ NetNewsWire]

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The official RSS Feed Reader and related home applet are being ported to Fremantle. Even if it's 100% open source, the development is nowadays closed and the input from the community is very small. Unless we all do something about it.

Interested in having an excellent feed reader in Maemo? Get involved!

See also the discussion Love feeds? Read this


How to get there

There are different ways to get there:

  • Everybody gets involved in the development of the official RSS Feed Reader
  • Existing Maemo community alternatives are pushed. Candidates:
  • Ports from GNOME/KDE or anywhere native. Not that Maemo's RSS Feed Reader derives from Liferea. Candidates:
    • Your candidates here.
  • Firefox extensions
    • Your candidates here.


What great products are other (mobile) platforms offering? Name, link and remarkable features that make the app/service so good.

Note also the potential discussion about local app versus web service (and a way in between).

Local apps


Mac OS X



Online services

"Host Your Own" Solutions

Open enhancement requests

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Open bugs

VotesSeverityIDSummary (12 tasks)
3major3885+RSS Reader Fails to Read HTTPS RSS Webpages
3normal9591+Distinguish read and not-read articles somehow
2major7835+High CPU usage of osso_rss_feed_reader; huge searchentries file
1critical9705+RSS reader locks up on certain data sets
normal5412+Unable to add Arxiv.org feed
normal10803+Images are sometimes downscaled, losing quality
normal8260+RSS subscription from browser ignored while fetching updates
normal10909+Failed feed parse deletes previous (successful) parse contents
normal935+RSS reader misbehavior on HTTP redirects (RFC 2616 violation)
normal5580+Loading page from RSS item results in different rendering in Browser
normal9438+Continues zooming doesn't work in RSS feed reader
major11002RSS reader doesn't use proxy settings correctly