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= Google Sites =
= Various Google Services =
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Why use the mobile version or at least a simpler version of a web site when Maemo devices are capable of accessing the full version? Some reasons:

  • Speed -- simpler versions may be considerably faster because they lack Flash and JavaScript.
  • Focus -- simpler versions are often to the point, more in keeping with the spirit of mobile apps vs. desktop apps.
  • Compatibility -- sometimes the full version of a web site doesn't support Maemo devices properly.

On, there are frequent requests for mobile versions of sites.


Shopping Sites

Site URL Notes

Various Google Services

Site URL Notes
Google Docs
Google News May direct you to mobile version of news site
Google Reader
Google Search May direct you to mobile version of searched-for site
Google Tasks part of Gmail
Google Voice

WebMail / Social

Site URL Notes
Facebook mobile site
Facebook Touch site
Hotmail Mobile
Yahoo "Mail" link is in upper right

News / Information Sites

Site URL Notes
Ars Technica recognizes some user agents
Google News May direct you to mobile version of news site


Site URL Notes