[edit] A Short History

I am a bit of a computer hobbyist. Especially small computers. Even more important that those small computers run Linux. I started this hobby way back in the stone age when I received an HP h5550 and ran WinCE just long enough to bootstrap Familiar onto it. From there I have ended up using Opie extensively. So much so that I began hacking it to make sure it worked through each Familiar release. I also tried to fix some bugs in the kernel that was used on the h5550.

Sadly the and Familiar itself stopped being a community for the most part. The Opie project still exists. But Qt had moved on. So had small computers. All of this happened round about this time that the Nokia N800 had come out. I asked for a developer discount, Nokia granted that and suddenly I found a new community! Now we have more small computers of many types that run Linux. I still like the size that Nokia seems to be targeting and the openness of the Maemo platform. Which is why I tend to hack on maemo and use my N900 extensively.

[edit] Current Set-up

The Nokia N900 running Maemo5 w/ CSSU, using primarily fbreader, Shopper, pwsafe and the built-in web browser.