Video camera

Using the Video Camera

This page describes how to activate video mode in your camera and record a video.

  1. Open the camera shutter, or start the Camera application in the applications menu
  2. The capital "A" icon on the right-hand side indicates that the camera is currently in automatic photo mode.
N900 camera default set-up
  1. By tapping the video mode indicator, you can select "Automatic video" mode, setting your camera in video mode.
Selecting camera mode
  1. The Mode button now shows a video camera, indicating that the camera is in video mode.
  2. Lightly press the capture button on your device (the button with a camera icon) to focus on your subject
Video recorder mode
  1. Firmly press the capture button to start recording. Press it again to stop recording. You will have the opportunity to tag or share your video.
  2. Your video can be viewed in the media player.