Fremantle closed packages/Bluetooth-sysinfo

Fremantle PR-1.3.

Closed source package bluetooth-sysinfo

installed version:

apt-cache policy bluetooth-sysinfo
Installed: 0.4+0m5

Contains one script:



This application reads bluetooth address from certificate and pushes it to bluetooth driver.

'Reverse engineered' from description:

/usr/bin/sysinfo-tool --list
-> /certs/npc/esn/bt_id
/usr/bin/sysinfo-tool --get /certs/npc/esn/bt_id
-> 2cd2e70c2a62

 cat /sys/devices/platform/hci_h4p/bdaddr
-> 2c:d2:e7:0c:2a:62

(Query bluetooth address, add colons and push to driver)

What is the purpose of this package, after removing (and booting) there are still address in /sys/devices/platform/hci_h4p/bdaddr ???

If removed:

*Not critical (device will boot without it)
*still: cat /sys/devices/platform/hci_h4p/bdaddr = address
*At least bluetooth filetransfer is still working