ISP move

Agreement with the new ISP has been signed. Now we are waiting for them to get the hardware to the server room. After that the services will be copied over to the new set-up.

The servers will be run side by side for a while to verify the set-up.


[edit] Things to be done

  • Discuss the nitty gritty details with Akamai - tekojo
  • Physical copy or rsync or both? - tekojo, xfade, feri
  • Verify connections once the hardware is there
  • Document access and installations - feri, xfade, rambo
  • Do the actual move of services - feri, xfade, rambo
  • Verify all services to be running and connected
  • Inform DNS on move and agree switchover time - tekojo
  • Get new SSL Certificates - stezz

[edit] Once in the new space

Some services could do with a version upgrade

  • Bugzilla - karstenb, aklapper
  • Garage - feri
  • MediaWiki - feri

[edit] Single Sign On

Single sign-on should have a machine in place after the move. Services can start to connect to that one by one. But it is a longer task.

[edit] Questions:

Do we have some form of documentation describing the layout? That is to say, which machine holds the repos, which machine holds the web site, etc.

[edit] The Bug