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*Contacts synchronisation via Gmail or Ovi
*Contacts synchronisation via Gmail or Ovi
*Contact groups and different ring tones per contact/group
*Contact groups and different ring tones per contact/group
*Contact calling, name tag read out by phone

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This Page is a compilation of wishes from the Maemo community, this info was compiled from several threads on You can add your own wishes directly in this list

This list aims to be simple, in order to help new Maemo developers/members get ideas/features needed by the community and also to show to Nokia, the community desires.

There is a more general software wish-list.


Form factor and components

  • A Xenon Flash
  • A separate battery door
  • Direct access to Memory card
  • Digital compass
  • D-pad


Main article: Applications you wish were ported from other platforms


  • SIP Client - A true SIP client that connects to any server I want and does not go through any fixed proxy like gizmo does.
  • Vibration when the communication is done to avoid to have the phone close to your head while it connect to the network.
  • A roaming icon (triangle) in the status bar to know that you are in roaming.
  • A way to force the phone to check, while in roaming, if the native operator is available.
  • Video calls
  • Built-in editable profiles (silent, meeting, etc.)
  • Timed profiles
  • Predictive dialer


  • Offline tools - flickr uploader, Gmail, Blogger and RSS
  • WAP sites access
  • Being able to put bookmarks in alphabetical order


  • Audiobook player with automatic bookmarking and playlist capability - see
  • Canola - FM radio, and better internet radio support in Canola (mediaplayer is far better, but far uglier!)
  • Music player with minilyrics support (.lrc files), showing the lyrics in full screen size, with options about size and colors.
  • Media Player - Better media player / internet radio app that plays ogg, wma, and he-aac, and doesn't corrupt the library when it feels like.
  • Control Media Player with the headset button (click to pause, double click to next track, long click, triple click and so on).


  • A beautiful widget showing hour, date and current local weather as the main HTC sense page.
  • One showing the time left until next alarm.


Application enhancement

Calendar and ToDo List

  • Birthday could display age
  • Calendar sync with Thunderbird
  • A better ToDo list


  • Search for emails and calendar
  • An easy way to copy text from email content
  • Ability to open email attachments


  • SMS writing via numeric keypad
  • Portrait SMS


  • Voice Tags/dialling for contacts for use in the car
  • Contacts synchronisation via Gmail or Ovi
  • Contact groups and different ring tones per contact/group
  • Contact calling, name tag read out by phone