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=== Next ones to be listed ===
=== Next ones to be listed ===
Please confirm you're a valid candidate
Please introduce yourself and explain what's your perspective about maemo community, future, and your part in that as councilor.
* Mariusmssj
* Mariusmssj

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Candidates for May 2014 Maemo Community Council elections

The following candidates intend to stand for election to the Maemo Community Council.


So I might step forward then.

My introduction:

Hi, I am juiceme and I am running for Maemo Community Council.

Many of you might already know that I have been Maemo Council member for the previous period. I thought hard about stepping forward for re-election, but I might still have something to give for the community, even as I'd like to see new people join up.

My spark into joining came when I purchased a N9 device, my first linux-based mobile phone. Previously I had owned Symbian devices since early nineties but I never did any SWDEV on those as my interests were on big iron. N9 was the first small embedded device that had the same tools I was used to working with so naturally I was delighted on the possibilities it offered.

My current daily driver is the Jolla device (I got mine on the very Launching Gala last november, it's the device #240 )

I have pre-ordered the Neo900, and am eagerly anticipating it

I have degrees in EE & ME, and some university courses in Math before dropping out due to having not enough time to do family/work/university simultaneously My current occupation is in SW development for Telecommunication Systems at Nokia. (This is the real Nokia I am talking about, nothing to do with Microsoft) Previously I have done RF design, HW design and Test System design. I have worked in this industry for about 2 decades.

My passion is Free Software, Libre software even, and I am known to be fairly vocal FS advocate on my workplace. I use exclusively Linux/Unix variants in my work and on my own time, and am known for pestering people to drop proprietary/legacy OS'es and switch to Linux.

My SW skills include c, python, test automation and tool creation. I like kernel work and prefer to use console over any GUI's. Usually my first take at anything is to write a bash script


I accepted my nomination lately check this introduction of me myself and I :

I mostly care of MeeGo/Harmattan and Jolla etc ... but my time resources are limited so all other candidates have my support as well.


I -Peter Leinchen, peterleinchen- hereby announce my candidation for the Community Council election Q2/2014. Some may know me already, some not. I do love our little N-gems (even the Symbian ones ) and joined the Maemo enthusiasts in 2010. Since then I could not stop to tinker with my N900/N9/N950 and learn the Linux/OSS way. I learned a lot here and soon started to see that it is also fun to give back / support (hereby continuing to learn). I do not sail (yet) but am waiting for Neo. I am the 'kind guy' and will not accept any odd behaviour. Work wise I have a ME graduate and do some programming/projecting/specification (also incl. commissioning) stuff for automation of old economy. On Windoze... Family wise I am trying to survive my two little 'human alarm clocks'.

I repeat myself and let you know that there may be times when I am not available for CC. I never ever used a mailing list (actively) but do know what IRC is (definitely not my favorite but acceptable for meetings). Keep that in mind, please.

All the best Peter

Next ones to be listed

Please introduce yourself and explain what's your perspective about maemo community, future, and your part in that as councilor.

  • Mariusmssj
  • nieldk
  • chainsawbike
  • joerg_rw
  • dirkvl
  • TomJ
  • jackburton

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