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*Contemplation period:  18 April 2016 - 24 April 2016
*Contemplation period:  18 April 2016 - 24 April 2016
*Election period: 25 April 2016 - 01 May 2016 '''(Sunday)'''
*Election period: 25 April 2016 - 01 May 2016 '''(Sunday)'''
**this seems to be incorrect, the vote engine page states "25 April 2016 '''00:00''' which basically is 24 April 23:59, making the voting period a full 7 days as mandated by rules [[User:joerg_rw|joerg_rw]]
*Results announced: ~ 02 May 2016
*Results announced: ~ 02 May 2016

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[edit] Election rules

Maemo Community e.V. Association Rules / Vereinsordnung § 4.1

[edit] Election timetable

Due to a flaw in the initial announcement of the ongoing council election, the timetable has been re-scheduled as announced in the Community mailing list.

All deadlines are set at 23:59 UTC.

  • Election announced: 27 March 2016
  • Deadline for karma electorate: 17 April 2016
  • Nomination period: 27 March 2016 - 17 April 2016 (Sunday), Candidates should have posted to Mailing list by then
  • List of candidates announced: ~ 18 April 2016
  • Contemplation period: 18 April 2016 - 24 April 2016
  • Election period: 25 April 2016 - 01 May 2016 (Sunday)
    • this seems to be incorrect, the vote engine page states "25 April 2016 00:00 which basically is 24 April 23:59, making the voting period a full 7 days as mandated by rules joerg_rw
  • Results announced: ~ 02 May 2016

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[edit] Nominees / Undecided

[edit] Nominees / Declined

[edit] Valid Candidates

[edit] Candidate Declarations

[edit] reinob

Dear Community,

I would like to candidate for the next council election. I am currently a member of the council and would like to continue contributing, on a best effort basis and to the best of my abilities, to our community.

Thank you, Bernardo Reino aka reinob

[edit] pichlo

Dear Community,

I am hereby announcing my candidacy for the Q2/2016 Council elections.

I have been a TMO member since September 2012, so perhaps shorter than most of you, and my contribution to the Community may not be as long and as great as some of yours. Moreover, I have been nominated a few times in the past and turned down the nomination, once even after initially accepting it but later changing my mind.

Well, I have been nominated again and this time I have decided to accept it properly and stick with it.

What would I want to achieve if I get elected? I do not have any big plans. The Community is quite mature and does not need holding hands. My biggest issue in the past was excessive censoring, but that has been resolved a few months ago. Consequently, my only plan as a Councillor is to provide a support role and serve the Community as best as I can.

Yours, Peter Pichler aka pichlo

[edit] mosen

Dear community,

thanks to the nomination i kindly received from eekklund some days ago paired with some encouraging PMs exchanged with juiceme, i feel confident to step forward and officially enlist as fresh candidate. This community has grown to my heart and i would be happy to contribute in a more organized way.

I feel the need to introduce myself a bit since i might be completely unknown to some of the more technical members not following the noobish or casual threads i am mostly involved in. Putting the obvious hurdle upfront, i am not a capable c, qml or qt coder and will not be able to contribute in development, apart from beta testing or visual and ux optimization. Maybe you can best estimate my coding and vector imaging "skills" form the only serious project i am running on JQuery/Php/Symfony-framework. It is a live multiplayer bingo game currently fitted to my favourite german podcast "Freakshow", in future planed to be a universal bingo framework "BingoOS" everyone can use to adapt to his favorite live show by simply uploading buzzword svg images and create new instances.

So, how come someone not actively hacking his nXX0 or sailfish device is still drawn towards this community you may ask? Building up my own company in food business since 2004 drew me away from the possibility to become a serious programmer but gave me valuable lessons in how to succeed as a very small business, overall mediation, conflict- and crisis solving skills. I am dreaming of a world in that everyone is confident enough to succeed with his very special skills and be rewarded by society with a proper income. Utopia aside, this community shows what i want to have for the whole world already now in the sector of mobile communication.

Cooperation beats competition. Sustainability instead of planned obsolescence. Positive thinking vs. utter falsification and crying. Enthusiasts can accomplish great things.

Apart from the honorable duties i did not have time to look up and would be happy if someone hints me where to read, my ideas to contribute are as follows.

- Promoting our common cause to the outside world. - Welcome and introduce newbies. - try to find a honorable and accepted way of monetization for independent developers and projects. - mediating conflicts with fresh and independent attitude.

As mentioned, running my sushi-business will make it a challenge to fit meetings into my constantly changing wicked timetable. But i hereby promise to always fulfill made commitments in timely manner and communicate on problems early.

Have a great day everyone and thanks for all the good times i already had here.

kind regards, Timo Könnecke aka mosen

koennecke at - -

[edit] eekkelund

Dear community,

thanks for Win7Mac trusting and nominating me already for second time. Unlike last, this time I am happily accepting nomination.

Small introduction: I have been a part of this community since 2012 when I bought my first smartphone N9 and started lurking TMO. Due to this awesome operating system, with its customization&'hacking' abilities, and this epic community, I became interested in mobiles, Linux, FOSS and IT in general. Nowdays, I am studying IT, thanks to you all:) Lately I have been spending time to getting know to Nemomobile.

I found maemo community the most kind, educating and welcoming community that I have ever seen or been part of.

What I would like to see in Q2/2016 and help to accomplish are: -New members(e.g. SailfishOS, Neo900, Nemo,AsteroidOS) -Helping and supporting new and existing members -Coding competition -Less scams;)

Thanks for being such a cool community.

Kind regards

[edit] juiceme

Hello all fellow Maemoans.

I have decided to re-run for Maemo Community Council in the ongoing elections. Probably I do not need to write again such a detailed introduction as I have been Council member for a few preceeding terms. I hope that most of you remember me, if not, then I sure have not been active enough :)

As a refresher, I will instead post a link to my previous announcement, things have not changed so much as it not being an accurate CV;

[edit] win7mac

Dear community,

in order to enable a Council of 5 instead of 3 seats, I'll also step up again. Very small introduction in note form:

  • community member since 2012
  • Hildon Foundation Board member since 2013
  • Maemo Community e.V. creator and founder in 2014
  • Current Council member
  • simple N9 user still unsure about his next device and sadly no Linux expert

Since I've already put quite some efforts in the continuance of maemo society, It'll be my pleasure to continue doing so.

Thanks and best regards