Community SSU/Development



The Community SSU source is held in a project at Gitorious:

Importing a module...

At the start of adopting a package into the Community SSU, the original source for the package, as shipped in Nokia's PR1.3 needs to be identified. This can come from two places:

  1. Git repository on or (preferred)
  2. Source tarball from

...from git


...from tarball



Set of notes and action points from the discussions about Community SSU on #maemo-ssu freenode.

Main participants:

  • lcuk
  • MohammadAG
  • Jaffa
  • Venemo
  • lma
  • x-fade
  • rst38h
  • crashanddie

and more

Discussion topics

  • finding source locations and identifying GOOD patches
  • submitting potential patches to a central testing source
  • making a new mp-generic* meta package
  • discussing with lma about current N8x0 community SSU problems and workarounds and insight
  • looking into getting the wiki sorted
    • need wiki editor :P
  • looking at how to manage the patchsets
    • we know the N900 Fremantle system works well using git tags
    • the 8x0 patchset currently contains 10 local based quilts
  • we need a gitorious group to cover these Done:

Build Sources

We must gather together and list the main giturl sources and tags used to build from.

for instance: tag 3.4.8

This allows us to reproduce builds and get source to the same location we build from.

<lcuk> how many packages for n8x0 are you looking at including in an ssu?
<lcuk> and how have you considered looking at updating the system so far - you said its all manual at the moment
<lma> I have 10 (source) packages at the moment
<lcuk> do you mind listing them 
<lma> busybox dnsmasq loudmouth modest osso-pdf-viewer osso-software-version tinymail community-ssu-enabler xorg-server kernel-diablo

This has started at, but needs completing with things like Modest.