Community SSU/Features/Portrait mode

Portrait mode can now be forced on all applications as part of the Community SSU. Not all applications work perfectly. Details of the compatibility of applications with portrait mode is compiled below.

The purpose of forcerotation is not to enable system-wide portrait for end-users.

System Applications

Application Status Comments
Backup Fully Usable N/A
Calculator Not Usable The keys don't align to the portrait mode
Calendar Not Usable
Camera Semi-Usable Display is buggy, Photo is taken correctly
Clock Semi-usable Icons are not rearranged. Can't access "World Clock"
Contacts Semi-Usable Crashes on editing of contact.
Conversations Semi-Usable Needs to scrolls horizontally to read the full message and the delete button is not visible while viewing a single message.
File Manager Fully Usable N/A
Hildon Application Manager (HAM) Fully Usable When portrait mode looses colour and when back in landscape there is flicker and takes time to rearrange
Hildon-Desktop Not Available
Media Player Semi-Usable Icons are not rearranged.
MicroB (Web) Semi-Usable When using built-in auto-rotation, ui elements such as address and status bar are unaccessible. When rotated by hildon ('enabled rotation' off in it's settings), just about all UI elements are usable; the bookmark button and the full screen button is there in the arrow's submenu, but they're invisible at the top and bottom halves of the small blank space that's there.
Modest (email) Fully Usable There is an issue with the size of the New Message button which is fixed when it's clicked
Notes Fully Usable N/A
Phone Fully Usable Add/Edit new contact UI unusable.
Photo Viewer Semi-Usable Viewing photos is buggy. The system get confused which direction to show image and thus image rotates haphazardly
Task Switcher Not Available Part of hildon-desktop
Settings Fully Usable N/A
Xterminal Fully Usable Rotation from portrait to landscape generates a large amount of "blank" space between the last lines of the history, and the current command-input line.

3rd Party Applications

Which of these already support rotation? Which require to be forced?

Application Status Rotation Comments
Alarmed Fully Usable Forced? In portrait mode, the UI elements are cramped, but usable
App Search Widget Not Usable Forced In portrait mode, the applications are not shown, if they are searched or otherwise.
BlessN900 Not Usable Forced In portrait mode, display is buggy
Catorise Fully Usable Forced NOT A CATEGORIZED BUG - this happens with ApMeFo and manually created folders in the menu too: When switching from landscape-portrait or vice versa, it moves from category/folder to base level
CBRpager Fully Usable In portrait mode, some of the buttons are hidden.
Columbus Fully Usable Supported One element isn't visible in portrait.
CuteTube Fully Usable Supported N/A
DropN900 Fully Usable Forced Some inconvenience with resizing of columns
ecoach Not Usable Forced No rearrangement/resizing of UI elements
Erminig Fully Usable Forced? N/A
espeakcaller Not Usable Forced No rearrangement/resizing of UI elements
EvilAlarm Fully Usable N/A
Fast Application Manager (FAPman) Fully Usable Supported N/A
FBReader Fully Usable Forced In portrait mode, some of the icons are hidden.
Filebox Fully Usable Supported N/A
FM Radio Semi Usable Forced No rearrangement/resizing of UI elements (Elements still fit on screen mostly, so frequency can be changed and bookmarked stations can be selected.)
Foreca Weather Not Usable Forced Some buttons off- screen. Horizontal Scrolling not possible
Freoffice Semi Usable Forced Missing a few icons, but it works
GBoggle Fully Usable Layout needs work
GoConvert Fully Usable N/A
Gpodder Fully Usable Supported Some small changes to be made
Groove Fully Usable N/A
LeafPad Fully Usable Needs portrait keyboard, obviously.
Mastory Fully Usable N/A
Mediabox Semi Usable No album art displayed
Mobile Hot Spot Fully Usable N/A
Munadi Fully Usable N/A
N900FTP Not Usable Forced Doesn't change layout at all. Second pane practically off-screen.
QWP Fully Usable N/A
Scout Fully Usable Although result-list shows horizontal scroll bar
Theme Customiser Not Usable All main buttons are off-screen
www2sms Not Usable Forced All buttons are off-screen
usb hostmode-gui Fully Usable N/A