Missing packages from Diablo Extras

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== Packages missing from SDK ==
Packages expected in the Maemo SDK, but missing:
* gnupg - debsign can't work inside Scratchbox without it.
:Can someone please a file a proper bug on this? It has no relation with the extras thing. Thanks!--[[User:qgil|qgil]] 14:01, 27 June 2008 (UTC)

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This page is to list the packages which are missing from extras-devel for Diablo and preventing the building of other packages.


Packages missing from Extras-Devel

Please add a comment below when you start working in a package, to avoid duplicated work.

You can also help listing here the problematic packages behind the most Missed applications.

Very Important Packages

Several packages depend on these ones.

  • libgnutls-dev - Needed to build: libsoup.
  • libsoup2.2-dev - Needed to build: GPE, Opensync.
  • python2.5-hildon - Without this package no hildonized python application will run.

The rest

  • GPE packages (gpe-calendar starling)- These are being worked on by Graham Cobb but progress is stalled due to the unavailability of libsoup2.2-dev.
  • Opensync packages (libopensync opensync-format-plugin-vformat msynctool opensync-plugin-file opensync-plugin-gpe libwbxml2 libopenobex libsyncml opensync-plugin-syncml) - These will be worked on later by Graham Cobb, also dependent on libsoup
  • Sisusb packages (sisusbvga sisbit xsisusb) - These will be worked on later by Graham Cobb

Fixed in extras-devel

Move here packages from the lists above once they are fixed in extras-devel.

  • GPE has been built apart from gpe-calendar and starling, which depend on libsoup.
  • python2.5 + python2.5-dev - Needed to build several python applications. Thanks Luciano.
  • python2.5-gtk2.
  • maemo-wordpy, maemo-periodic, nicotine, python-gdata, python-flickrapi, mirage, lybniz, python-gtkhtml2.

Packages missing from Extras

Obviously all the packages listed above are missing. In addition, the following packages are available in extras-devel but not available in Extras, preventing the installation of other packages from Extras.

Fixed in extras

Move here packages from the list above once they are fixed in extras.