Fremantle Stars/liqbase

liqbase playground is a sliq graphical playground for the nokia internet tablet range. running well on the n8x0 series is a defined goal, running better on the new device is an added bonus!

have broken the application into 2 halves since the previous release and created an application framework for creating elements, standalone applications can be created with the framework.

i have been building the applications within the framework now as shown by video overview 5:

specific targets for this release

  • multilayered zooming playground - inplace rough
  • instant live sketching - inplace rough
  • graffiti wall - inplace rough
  • calendar with easy kinetics and sketch based entry - like your wall calendar
  • tagging of sketched elements

lots of test widgets currently exist in the system which are test cases for the ugly corners of the framework - proof of concepts.

the sketching and calendar takes precedence, but requires a large number of support functions and ui interactions to be fully complete.

all graphical screens lack polish and styling, most don't need it, it shows the users' data and needs no UI but there are screens which require cleanup.

once this raw testing package is available it will help to concentrate efforts and allow people to work on layouts.

having lots of problems packaging, The library is one half, liqbase-playground and its widgets are the other.