Fremantle closed packages/iphbd

Fremantle PR-1.3.

Closed source package iphbd.

Description: IP heartbeat daemon
This package contains the IP Heartbeat daemon which provides
synchronization services for applications.


default installed version

apt-cache policy iphbd
Installed: 0.0.17+0m5


dpkg -L iphbd

It is automatically started when phone boots.


/usr/bin/iphbd -h    
/usr/bin/iphbd [-h] [-d] [-w] [interval]
  -h: print this help
  -d: enable debugmode
  -a: enable advanced mode
  -k: disable TCP keepalive queuing
  -w: wake from kernel signal (TCP queuing must be enabled)
  interval is the heartbeat in seconds (default 30), minumum is 3 secs, value -1 means that no sync is done

Nothing depends on this package.

If removed:

*nothing easily determined brokes.