Fremantle closed packages/wl1251-firmware


Closed source package wl1251-firmware

Default installed version:

Installed: 0.4+0m5

Provides files:

* wl1251-fw.bin   (firmware)
* wl1251-nvs.bin  (calibration data)

Nothing depends on this package.

If removed (do not remove):

*WLAN not working anymore (as expected)


Meego's N900 adaptation has closed source but redistibutable (used for TI's chip) firmware files on:

They are very same than what are in device as default. Md5sums:
 3a68787e5b1cb75e2a8c160ad79297ab  /lib/firmware/wl1251-fw.bin
 6d570e73a9cb1f686b2ad5cdbbdf6b83  /lib/firmware/wl1251-nvs.bin

Relevant section from License [1]

1.Object Code License.  TI hereby grants to you a limited, non-exclusive license to reproduce and use the Licensed Materials provided to you in object code format and to distribute an unlimited number of object or executable copies of such Licensed Materials, provided that such object or executable copies are used solely and exclusively on devices manufactured by or for TI.