GSoC 2009/Project ideas

Maemo provides a framework for developing applications for mobile devices, as well as porting existing applications in the Linux world. A lot has been done already, look at the projects available at to get an idea of what already exists, in order to come up with your brand new ideas. They can be a new functionality added to a consolidated application, a first prototype for a promising new applications exploring new functionality, or a small but killing application bringing the unexpected. We recommend you to propose small challenges developed with good performance instead of big plans impossible to concrete in 3 months. You can be really useful adding a cool new module to be used by other applications or setting a first stone in a project to attract new attention.

Add your project ideas in the table bellow.

If you are a accepted mentor and wants to mentoring one of the possible projects, add you name to the table with your nickname (eg. Valério Valério (vdvsx)).

Note: Everybody can add ideas to the list, no need to be a mentor or a student. Don't try to guess if your idea will be implemented in Fremantle or not, just add it to the list. Nokia will give some clues in the end in order to avoid duplicated work.

Final proposal Study of alternatives needed Draft proposal
Title Abstract/Description Skills Difficulty (Easy/Medium/Hard) Reporter Possible Mentor(s) Comments
Barcode scanner Use the camera in the ITT devices to scan barcodes of products, in order to compare prices/features, read product reviews,etc. See compare everywhere and maemo barcode C/C++ or Python Medium vdvsx
Contacts Import/export Import/export contacts to the ITT from various sources, like Thunderbird, Outlook, Gmail, Symbian Phones, etc. See Task:PIM and Google Sync C/C++,Python or others Medium vdvsx
Google Latitude client Port/make a Google Latitude client to the ITT. See [1] C/C++/Python/Clluter/others Easy vdvsx
Improve RTComm for the tablets A single-click install for RTComm and all the required libraries to make the built-in IM client work with as many protocols as possible and (maybe even more important bit) finally improve the built-in contacts app import feature. See [2] C/C++ Medium stangri
Improve Xournal Port Xournal to Fremantle and improve the GUI to take advantage of the upcoming Fremantle features, while keeping backward compatibility with Maemo OSes. See [3] C/GTK+/QT Medium anidel
Maemo Alarm Make a nice and customizable alarm application for Maemo. See [4] C/C++/Python/Clluter/other Easy Denis Smolyar ""I don't see any nice alarm for maemo... cron? without giu i can't use them from maemo. -- Denis Smolyar @Dev-ML"
Implement Bluetooth Speaker Support Add support for turning a tablet into a Bluetooth speaker system -- probably through headset or hands-free profile support. Possibly extend BlueMaemo Python Medium/Easy frethop frethop I think there was some work on this last year's GSoC on BlueZ (lfelipe)
Implement Internet Storage client Implement a client for an Internet storage system such as Dropbox or Modify existing source code for Linux to eliminate elements not implemented in Maemo (e.g., Nautilus for Dropbox) C/C++ Medium frethop frethop
Port Conduit Optimize the UI for the tablets, identify the subset of dataproviders that made sense on the tablets Python Medium jaffa
New plugin for Canola Implement a new plugin for Canola, possibly for another web service such as Picasa or Blip.FM. There are lots of possibilities here. Python/EFL Easy/Medium lfelipe lfelipe Other ideas that have been suggested: Jamendo, Magnatune ... (keep suggesting)
Bittorrent plugin for Canola Implement a bittorrent plugin for Canola, that can use the RSS from sites such as Python/EFL Medium lfelipe lfelipe
New plugin for Canola Implement a new plugin for Canola: local mail / news reader. Mail / news (RSS) can be downloaded locally by existent software. The Canola plug-in serves just as a reader, so that you don't need to leave it to read / interact with them. Python/EFL Medium anidel
Text optical recognition Implement a recognition system which recognizes text snapped with the camera. The system then can be integrated into another application, such as when you want to contribute to the openstreetmap, you just fire up this application and start tracing the street, then snap the street name with the camera, and the street name will be recorded in that application and connected to the street data. Another use case would be to integrate this system with Hildon Input Method and you can send the text snapped into to have your own personal translator C/Gtk+/Qt Medium mdamt mdamt
Compiz Cube for Maemo. Use compiz-cube or similar to jump between four virtual desktops running:Hildon, Canola, PIM-Phone, locked up device (with widgets maybe).The cube would jump vertically instead of horizontally and a finger gesture would jump between them. C/C++/Others Medium Eduard Pertíñez
Maemo build system on SuSE open build system Establish a fairly complete environment for building maemo packages on SuSE's build servers System administration Medium Jeremiah
Full iCalendar support for KCal (KDEPIM) Add support in KCal for the missing iCalendar elements libical/C/C++ Medium kecsap kecsap
Merge the vobject/vcc changes to the libical upstream version KCal has a different branch with the vcc and vobject files which are part of the vcal parser. These changes should be merged to the libical upstream. libical/C/C++ Medium/Hard kecsap kecsap
Enhance the OpenCV's maemo port Needs to update to the latest upstream svn version, extensive testing on the tablet and fix the maemo issues and send the patches upstream OpenCV/C++ Medium kecsap kecsap
Add more location based services at travellerapplet Traveller applet helps for travellers to open location sensitive services in the browser. It needs to add a bunch of services. Maemo/C/HTTP Medium kecsap kecsap