I am here

I Am Here is an application that provides a way to track your phone if it's lost / stolen.



This application has not been maintained since PR1.1.1.

The source code is not available.

Some of the information collected are forwarded through a mail account owned by the author.

Uninstallation instructions is found at the end of this page

The author seems to have been away for a long time, and the state of the project is unknown. There are many bugs reported by users, most of them are misconfiguration bugs, but some are real bugs which exist in the current release. Usage of this software is most likely to lead you to need a complete reflash of your rootfs. This wiki is here to make sure you know what you are doing, in case you do choose to go through with the installation. The information in this wiki has been added to aid people in using this application, and avoid the possible "I can't remove the application, what should I do" situation.

Based on the above it is recommended users to not install this application until further updates become available.


I Am Here works as a daemon in the background. It can be activated in 2 different ways:

  • Incoming SMS with specific text, case-sensitive, telling the application to become active.
  • Once active the application will send reports as configured in the configuration wizard via SMS/E-Mail.
  • The reports will continue, if configured, untill a diactivation SMS will arrive also requiring very specific text.


  • The application also monitors the sim card IMSI, if it detects a new simcard, it assumes the phone has been stolen, and it send via sms/e-mail information regarding the current status.

Information sent

The information sent by the phone includes the following :

  • Current GPS lock
  • Last known lock before current
  • Front & Back camera pictures.
  • Current simcard details (Not Sure about this one)
  • Google maps link to current phone location
  • Low battery alert

Usage Flow

The application is often being accused of not working properly, not possible to remove, cannot find how-to configure, cannot activate, etc. - It is important to understand how this application works, and more importantly, why.

  • Download and install the application
  • During the install process, a wizard will show up.
  • This wizard, if not configured correctly, or configured without writing down the configuration that was chosen by the user, will lead to "misconfiguration" and problems using / uninstalling the app.
  • In this wizard the user is requested to choose several details:
    • Activation text (password) - This is the text that must appear in an SMS to activate reports on the device. If you forget what you configured, you will not be able to activate reports. Simple.
    • Deactivation, deactivates reports. Again, if you forget the value you entered here, you are in trouble.
    • Config wizard text - If you ever decide you want to go through this wizard again, to change a password, or uninstall the application, this is the way. This is the most important password of them all.
    • More details can be configured and are pretty much self explanatory.


  • Send the config text message, and enable uninstalling via the config wizard.
  • Open the app manager, and uninstall.

If you are unable to uninstall the application this way, you are not alone. Several have experienced the same problem, and in this thread, it has been suggested that you run the following commands in a terminal.

Warning: Use these commands at your own risk! They are provided by various authors at talk.maemo.org in hope that they will help other users, but have not been tested thoroughly neither by me nor anyone in the Maemo community. Thus, there is no guarantee that they will work without breaking the device. Make sure you back up your device and know what these commands do before applying them in your device.

You will need to install the package rootsh from Extras first.

sudo gainroot
killall imhere-0.3
rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/imhere-0.3.prerm
rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/imhere-0.3.postinst
dpkg --purge --force-remove-reinstreq imhere-0.3