Maemo Co-Creation/MCC Concept 001 Session Results


Everybody is using a lot of content. This software solution will enable you to spread it around you and others can 'pick it up'. When walking into a room or on the street, you can see on your device what content is being used by the people around you. Same types of content create "heat-pools" around a person. You can see what content is used the most & might be interesting for you. People using the same content form 'groups', they are linked by preference. Outside of your 'profile content' are the 'free radicals'. This type of content is not really discovered yet and lights up as small dots. Once more people are 'contaminated' by it, it is not a free radical anymore, but becomes a heat-pool.


Serendipity: the perfect way to discover new content in a very cool way


A software solutions that can grow. The concept is based on co-creation, together you create the heat-pools


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