Maemo Co-Creation/MCC Concept 003 Workshop Results


On Saturday, the following feedback for MAEmoments was given:

Also, several ideas for applications were thought of:


1. The blue colour is chosen to be edited on the photo. The camera recognises it and the viewfinder shows the result. 2. While you are making a video, you can add little items to the setting. For example some hearts/kisses/music note etc. They will be in the movie, when playing it later.

Two problems that have to be solved relate to the plug-ins used for an application like this. Right now Gstreamer and Quill are used for either still or moving images. An 'all-in-one' plug-in would highly improve the usability of this application. Next to that, the plug-ins used have to be secured, the user has to be sure that his/her device can 'take all the action'.

Also, a first idea for the UI was visualised: