Maemo Co-Creation/MCC Concept 004 Workshop Results

On Saturday the 10th of October we have presented the co-creation workshop concepts at the Maemo Summit, during the Maemo Co-Creation Showcase. After that, everybody was invited to provide feedback and help further develop the concepts. This was very successful, many Summit attendees joined us on the stage to elaborate on the 4 concepts.

On Sunday, we had another co-creation 'Garage' session in the Entry Hall of the Maemo Summit. The 4 concepts and the feedback from the day before were put on the wall and again, people were invited to further develop the concepts. Two visualisers were present to help make all ideas tangible on the spot.


During the Summit, two different point of views emerged for this concept. They were both explained in case of a wedding.


In this first, the central point is a tangible box people (bride & groom) can take with them afterwards. All guests have collaboratively helped create this experience.


The other idea is that it all happens in the cloud. The subject is central (wedding) and everybody can hop on/hop off the collaboration flow. You get in, help create around the subject, synchronise, hop of, check in later what has changed, etc. The latest version is always available for you.

The first ideas for a UI for this concept was also created:


Level 0: you see what you are working on, you choose 'website' Level 1: you see the others who are working on this and what they have done so far. You click on the document Level 2: You see the details of the document, you can edit it, view other comments, still see the action-lines to others who are connected to the document.