Maemo Summit 2009

Content will be the second most important aspect of the conference, after the social aspect of getting the Maemo community together.


DRAFT Schedule

  • Friday 9: Schedule coordinated by Peter @ Maemo Devices
    • Focus: Maemo 5, Harmattan, and ecosystem
    • Audience: Maemo engaged users and developers, also open to newcomers.
    • Confirmed speakers:
    • Ari Jaaksi, VP, Nokia, Maemo Devices on "Maemo - yesterday, today, and tomorrow"
  • Friday night PARTY coordinated by Jussi @ Maemo Devices.
  • Saturday 10: Community driven agenda TBD
  • Sunday 11: Community driven agenda TBD

DRAFT Principles for defining the schedule

  • Defaulting to three tracks for Users (Transformatorhuis - big), App Developers (Machinegebow - medium) and Platform Developers (De Kapel - small). Exceptions can be made of course but the idea is that each profile should have a suggested session to go at any time.
  • Keynotes and Lightning Sessions are organized in Transformatorhuis without other activities at the same time.
  • The tiny lovely Oostelijk Meterhuis is available for longer sessions with 25 people or less e.g. a 2h workshop. De Kapel can also serve that purpose if needed.


  • 3 days for the conference
  • Who will organise the schedule? A committee, the organiser, the council?
  • Lightning talks - a great success last year, we should have them again
  • Do we need a call for content?
  • If we have a call for content, what is the schedule for proposals & acceptance?
  • Themes? It seems like the core themes will be Fremantle & Harmattan
  • Schedule - what's the best way to handle planning & putting the schedule online? Wiki again? Or another solution?
    • Having used it in the past, I really like Expectnation, although it's not free software


  • Decide on conference infrastructure and put it in place: ASAP
  • Decide on process for getting content: ASAP
  • Issue call for content if necessary: Mid June
  • Deadline for content proposals: Mid July
  • Presenters notified: Early August


I think that 2009 will be Fremantle year, so I expect a summit focused on:
  • New technologies showcase (i.e., what can be done with clutter?)
  • New hardware features
And I would add one or two roundtables to talk and discuss:
  • What's next?
  • What about past hardware? What about third party development?
  • Would you like a Maemo App Store?