Maemo Summit 2009

Content will be the second most important aspect of the conference, after the social aspect of getting the Maemo community together.


DRAFT Schedule

  • Friday 9: Schedule coordinated by Peter @ Maemo Devices
    • Focus: Maemo 5, Harmattan, and ecosystem
    • Audience: Maemo engaged users and developers, also open to newcomers.
    • Host: Peter Schneider, Nokia, Marketing, Maemo Devices
    • Confirmed speakers:
    • Ari Jaaksi, VP, Nokia, Maemo Devices on "Maemo Devices in Nokia"
    • Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of Linux Foundation
    • Juha-Pekka Sipponen, Director, Nokia, Ultimate Nseries Product Management
    • Peter Schneider, Maemo Devices on "Harmattan highlights - developer opportunities"
  • Friday night PARTY coordinated by Jussi @ Maemo Devices.
  • Saturday 10: Community driven agenda TBD
  • Sunday 11: Community driven agenda TBD

DRAFT Principles for defining the schedule

  • Defaulting to three tracks for Users (Transformatorhuis - big), App Developers (Machinegebow - medium) and Platform Developers (De Kapel - small). Exceptions can be made of course but the idea is that each profile should have a suggested session to go at any time.
  • Keynotes and Lightning Sessions are organized in Transformatorhuis without other activities at the same time.
  • The tiny lovely Oostelijk Meterhuis is available for longer sessions with 25 people or less e.g. a 2h workshop. De Kapel can also serve that purpose if needed.


  • 3 days for the conference
  • Who will organise the schedule? A committee, designated by the council.
  • Lightning talks - a great success last year, we should have them again
  • Do we need a call for content? Yes - call for content is being prepared.
  • If we have a call for content, what is the schedule for proposals & acceptance? 2 to 3 weeks to make proposals, 2 ro 3 weeks for accepting proposals.
  • Themes? Fremantle & Harmattan, in three tracks: User, App Developer, Platform Developer
  • Schedule - what's the best way to handle planning & putting the schedule online? Wiki.


  • Decide on conference infrastructure and put it in place: DONE: Using Wiki
  • Decide on process for getting content: DONE: Call for content + committee to choose presentations
  • Issue call for content if necessary: Mid June
  • Deadline for content proposals: Mid July
  • Presenters notified: Early August


I think that 2009 will be Fremantle year, so I expect a summit focused on:
  • New technologies showcase (i.e., what can be done with clutter?)
  • New hardware features
And I would add one or two roundtables to talk and discuss:
  • What's next?
  • What about past hardware? What about third party development?
  • Would you like a Maemo App Store?
Mer would like to talk about bringing as much of Fremantle as possible to older devices and how it works with Nokia and the community. Would there be interest in:
  • Talks about Mer?
  • Mer's development SDK/processes?
  • Hands-on Mer development sessions?
  • Mer/Maemo/Garage/Nokia integration (although this is already a fast moving target)
-- lbt 21:04, 17 June 2009 (UTC)