Maemo Summit 2009

Content will be the second most important aspect of the conference, after the social aspect of getting the Maemo community together.



Friday, October 9

9:30 Doors open

10:00 Welcome - Opening of Summit by Peter Schneider, Head of Maemo Marketing @ Nokia

10:15 Maemo 5 and the N900 by Ari Jaaksi, VP - Maemo Devices @ Nokia

11:00 The Changing PC & Mobile Landscape; Why Linux will play a Critical Role by Jim Zemlin, Executive Director @ Linux Foundation

11:30 Break

11:45 Nokia Nseries Devices on Maemo by J-P. Sipponen, Director - Maemo Products @ Nokia

12:15 Harmattan Highlights - Developer Opportunities by Janne Heikkinen, Director - Maemo Product Planning @ Nokia

13:00 Lunch - Maemo Expo opens

14:15 Why the Maemo Community matters to Nokia - Alan "Qole" Bruce of Maemo Community Council interviewing Ari Jaaksi, VP - Maemo Devices @ Nokia

15:00 Expert streams

Time Track 1 - chair: Anthony Fabbricino Track 2 - chair: John Loughney Track 3 - chair: Quim Gil
15:00 - 15:25 UI design of Maemo 5 apps

Digia/User Experience Team

UX panel

Moderated by: Tim Samoff, Maemo Council, with Harri Kiljander, Director Maemo UX Design and Martin Schüle, Principal Designer Maemo 5

Cross-platform with Qt - live

Ariya Hidayat, Software Engineer, Nokia

15:30 - 15:55 Developing widgets on Maemo 5 - showcase Foreca Weather

Juha Järvi, Software Designer, Foreca

Mer - how the community innovates

Carsten Munk, Lead Developer, Mer project

16.00 - 16.25 Developing apps with Qt for Maemo5

Kate Alhola, Forum Nokia, Chief Guru on Maemo

Firefox on Maemo

Stuart Parmenter, Director of Engineering, Mozilla

Your foundation for open-source innovation: TI’s OMAP processor-based Zoom platform

Ameet Suri, Texas Instruments

16.30 - 16.55 Developing apps with Qt on Harmattan

Ville Lavonius, Product Manager Developer Offering, Nokia

Present and future of Maemo digital marketing

Isko Salminen, Production Manager, Activeark and Jussi Mäkinen, Maemo Marketing, Nokia

Feedservice and plug-ins development in Maemo 5

Mikko Levonmaa, Ixonos

17.00 - 17.25 Developing apps with Nokia Web Runtime

Santtu Ahonen, Head of Developer Offering, Nokia

Biz apps on Maemo

Kari Pikkarainen, Product Manager Productivity, Nokia

Harmattan Architecture Overview

Juha Tukkinen, Principal Engineer, Architecture and Sys, Nokia

17.30 - 18.00 Developer Support for Maemo by Forum Nokia

Srikanth Raju, Director, Forum Nokia Marketing

Skype on Maemo

Mark Douglas, Mobile Product Manager, Skype

Porting an OpenGL game to GL ES

Oliver Mcfadden, Software Engineer, Nokia

20:00 Maemo Party coordinated by Jussi Mäkinen.

Saturday, October 10

Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 BOFs/Workshops
9.00 Doors Open
10.00 - 10.15 Welcome to Community days
Maemo Community Council
10.15 - 11:00 Keynote: Ton Roosendaal, the Blender Foundation
11.00 - 11.25 Designing UI for Maemo 5

Mox Soini

PyQt application development on Maemo

Attila Csipa

Getting started session
Daniel Wilms and others
11.30 - 11.55 Personalizing your Maemo 5 device
Hartti Suomela
Canola application and framework for rich GUI

Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri

12.00 - 12.25 Modest, email client for Fremantle

Sergio Villar, Jose Dapena

App developers 3 Maemomm: Maemo with C++ and a Gtkmm flavour

David King

Extras/autobuilder/interfaces round-table
12.30 - 12.55 Maemo Co-Creation Showcase

Jussi Mäkinen

App developer 4 Developments in The Qt WebKit Integration

Kenneth Rohde Christiansen

13.00 - 14.30 Lunch
14.30 - 15.25 Lightning talks, 5 min each
  1. Mobile web apps on tablets : the web2py framework revisited - Fred Pacquier
  2. Giving Great Presentations - Dave Neary
  3. Development Nirvana: How Maemo Application Development Should Be - Andrew Flegg
  4. Feedhandler - Integrating RSS newsreaders with the browser - Thomas Perl
  5. python-mafw: MAFW framework for Python developers - Andrea Grandi
  6. GSoC Project presentation: Picasa plugin for Canola - Andrei Mirestean
  7. Mer from a user's perspective - Tomasz Dominikowski
  8. DVCS? git? - How does that work then? - David Greaves
15.30 - 15.55 GUPnP and Rygel: The UPnP/DLNA solution for Maemo

Zeeshan Ali

Adapting GNOME applications to Maemo Fremantle

Joaquim Rocha

Building for Mer
David Greaves
16.00 - 16.25 Mer: A year after

Carsten Valdemar Munk

App developer 7 Hildon toolkit for Fremantle

Alberto Garcia, Claudio Saavedra

16.30 - 16.55 Bug Management

Andre Klapper

Go-to market opportunities for mobile application developers

Boaz Zilberman

Managing metadata by accessing Tracker with QtTracker

Iridian Kiiskinen

Git hands-on workshop
17.00 - 17.25 Canola: Beyond the media playback
Eduardo Lima
Hands-on development with Nokia Web Runtime

Oren Levine

The Qt Mobility Project
Alex Luddy
17.30 - 17.55 Users 9 Publishing your software through
Niels Breet
Platform developers 9 BOF

Sunday, October 11

Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 BOFs/Workshops
9.00 Doors Open
10.00 - 10.55 Fremantle Stars showcase
Including liqbase, OSM2Go, Mauku, OMWeather, eCoach and more.
11.00 - 11.25 Maemo Browser for power users
Mikko Korpelainen
JamMo - Jamming mobile game for children

Aapo Rantalainen

Writing plugins for MAFW
Iago Toral
Canola Fremantle Hackathon
11.30 - 11.55 Maemo documentation co-creation

Dave Neary

Preparing your Qt Application for Fremantle and Harmattan
Ian Monroe
Contributing with Git & Gitorious
Johan Sørensen
12.00 - 12.25 User talk Handheld Glom: Easy database applications

Murray Cumming

Towards painless and quality translations
Dimitris Glezos
Maemo Co-Creation Working Session
Jussi Mäkinen
12.30 - 12.55 User talk Creating packages for the Maemo platform

Jeremiah Foster

Platform developers 4
13.00 - 14.30 Lunch
14.30 - 15.25 Lightning talks, 5 min each
  1. Issues on adapting Maemo 4 application to Maemo 5 - Aniello del Sorbo
  2. GSoC presentation: BitTorrent plugin for Canola - Lauri Võsandi
  3. Lightning talk
  4. Lightning talk
  5. Lightning talk
  6. Lightning talk
  7. Lightning talk
  8. Lightning talk
  9. Lightning talk
  10. Lightning talk
15.30 - 16.00 Grand Finale

See [[../Submissions | the submission queue]] for current proposals under consideration.


Register for the summit:

Free entrance! Registration needed to grant you food, drinks, a shirt and a seat.

300 participants expected: developers and engaged users, community members and curious newcomers, from many countries.

Principles for defining the schedule

  • Defaulting to three tracks for Users (Transformatorhuis - big), App Developers (Machinegebow - medium) and Platform Developers (De Kapel - small). Exceptions can be made of course but the idea is that each profile should have a suggested session to go at any time.
  • Keynotes and Lightning Sessions are organized in Transformatorhuis without other activities at the same time.
  • The tiny lovely Oostelijk Meterhuis is available for longer sessions with 25 people or less e.g. a 2h workshop. De Kapel can also serve that purpose if needed.


  • Decide on conference infrastructure and put it in place: DONE: Using Wiki
  • Decide on process for getting content: DONE: Call for content + committee to choose presentations
  • Issue call for content if necessary: DONE: Call for content issued, we need to do some more communication work & get proposals
  • Deadline for content proposals: September 13
  • Presenters notified: On going


I think that 2009 will be Fremantle year, so I expect a summit focused on:
  • New technologies showcase (i.e., what can be done with clutter?)
  • New hardware features
And I would add one or two roundtables to talk and discuss:
  • What's next?
  • What about past hardware? What about third party development?
  • Would you like a Maemo App Store?
Mer would like to talk about bringing as much of Fremantle as possible to older devices and how it works with Nokia and the community. Would there be interest in:
  • Talks about Mer?
  • Mer's development SDK/processes?
  • Hands-on Mer development sessions?
  • Mer/Maemo/Garage/Nokia integration (although this is already a fast moving target)
-- lbt 21:04, 17 June 2009 (UTC)
Please, do not put similar themes overlapping on simultaneous tracks. For example, UI Design, UX panel and OpenGL would have the same audience although the presentations are from different point of view. (As an application developer, I would participate in all of those!) Try to organize the themes more sequentially.
--hhedberg 06:29, 2 July 2009 (UTC)
There does not appear to be time blocked up front for "meet and greet"... is it assumed we will do this informally prior to the event? Maybe the evening before?
--texrat 16:34, 4 September 2009 (UTC)
I will hold a "Opt BoF", where we talk about the next steps related to the Fremantle /opt hack for giving more space to installed packages.
--mvo 22 Septempter 2009