An open, community-led, Linux distribution for mobile devices

Former goals

Mer is now an inactive project, due to the introduction of the MeeGo ( project which shares a similar mission as Mer. Mer was a community research project into an open and openly developed Maemo platform.

  • Integrate the best solutions for a wide variety of small form-factor devices
  • Encourage wider access to device capabilities through the Vendor Social Contract
  • Demonstrably provide an easy route to market for vendors
  • Dramatically reduce costs to vendors of supporting EOL hardware
  • Focus, harness and support community contributions to the platform
  • Encourage and ease migration of existing applications
  • Support experimentation, innovation and development

or, to put it another way:

  • As much of Fremantle as we can get on the N8x0

We're hanging out on #mer on FreeNode IRC ( if you would like to discuss Mer (here's a web based IRC client) and you can follow all the chat on the IRClog.

Read Documentation / Development Status.

See tasks, blueprints, proposals and user reactions for the project.

Latest activity

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What next?

About: Learn more about Mer, this new Linux/Gnu distribution, and its history.
Download: Get the latest release of Mer on your device or PC.
People: Join the Mer community, and find out who’s already involved.
Development: Enhance Mer itself, and develop applications.
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