Mer/Hackfest Copenhagen 09

Focus of the Copenhagen Hackfest (30-31 May 2009): Bring Mer closer to 1.0

Mer 1.0 is the version of Mer where it is first usable for day-to-day usage. This means, I should be able to use it for a day for my day-to-day tasks like I would have been able to using Maemo, on my mobile device. Fremantle is in beta at this point and we should be able to provide Fremantle APIs and a Maemo 4 replacement for users when Fremantle is out. The hope is to be able to use the synergy of bringing so many Maemo and Mer related personalities together, to be able to move ahead on things that would take longer if having to be done online.

Sub-goals, which serve as guidelines for activities:

  • Control panels to be able to control behavior of your tablet.
  • Developer tools - builders, cross compilation environments and IDEs
  • Artwork and UI design: Icons, themes, backgrounds, animations, shining up interfaces through code, etc.
  • Hardware interfacing and event-reaction daemons (implementing behavior similar to or better than Maemo4)
  • Integration with both on a organizational (relation to council, community) and technical level (package and image builders, repositories)
  • Alignment with Maemo5 APIs and integration of Nokia-closed software in restricted images.
  • Chasing down showstopper bugs which would hinder user adoption of Mer 1.0.
  • Discussions on Mer after 1.0 and presentations on Mer to potential users and developers.
  • Getting the Mer project developers and contributors together for the first time.

Activity intentions

Template (short title)


Real name:

Affiliation and country of residence:

Areas of interest and expertises:

What you hope to accomplish on the 30th and 31th May 2009

(Make a 5 line summary of what you're interested in doing)

Who do you hope to cooperate with to get this accomplished

(If there are other people at the developer meeting it would be useful to cooperate with to get this accomplished)


(Do you plan on making any presentations or demos at the developer meeting?)

Reference from Stskeeps

(Reference from Stskeeps if need be based on past contributions, for sponsorship requests of travel and accomodation)

Guidance of developers, integration with and Nokia software integration

Nickname: Stskeeps

Real name: Carsten Valdemar Munk

Affiliation and country of residence: Centre for Pervasive Healthcare, University of Aarhus

Areas of interest and expertises: Community and genericity of mobile platforms, soon MSc within computer science

What you hope to accomplish on the 30th and 31th May 2009

I hope to serve as a guidance role for the different activities related to the Mer focus area, point people in the right direction etc. In addition to that, work with employees to move the Mer infrastructure out of the basement and into (builders, etc). Discussions with council members on how Mer fits in the organization. Work on integration patches to Nokia software so users don't loose functionality of their tablets. Represent Mer project and try to network some.

Who do you hope to cooperate with to get this accomplished

X-Fade (builders), jeremiah (repositories), keesj (council member), timeless (integration), andre klapper (bugs), Mer developers present.


  • Mer: Where are we, where do we want to go and how do you get started developing for Mer, 15-30 minute presentation
  • Developer meeting on Mer after 1.0

Reference from Stskeeps

(Not making a reference for myself and not requesting sponsorship as it's in the neighbourhood..)