Mer 0.11 was prepared in the sprint Mer/Sprints/0.11 16. March 2009 - 30 March 2009 with a testing period: 30 March 2009 - 6 April 2009]]

Press coverage of Mer

Notable accomplishments and news

  • wazd is now mentor for the UI/Artwork component
  • Meizirkki is now mentor for the Testing component
  • New UI based on wazd's ideas from his blog, screenshot. The top bar consists of Application Launcher, Menu button (for your current running application's menu), Quick application switcher, System tray, and task switcher and closer (the globe, shows up when >0 apps are open)
  • Maemo-launcher (the GTK booster, etc) actually works now, reducing RAM usage and making Mer usable on 770 and faster everywhere.
  • Collected Mer artwork Mer/Artwork here. License is Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License, author is Andrew Zhilin.
  • 770 wifi module patches to support WPA, IW wireless extensions
  • Removed docpurge (no more apt-get dist-upgrade messups)
  • Removed extras-repository to make way for Mer's own development for now.
  • Work on cross compiler for Ubuntu Jaunty/ARM,
  • Began work on port to Neo Freerunner (thanks to
  • Bug that kept N810 keymaps from working now fixed.
  • Special Mer kernels with useful patches - OTG device whitelisting, add pH5's patch to change opmode on the fly, fanoush's patch to remove "menelaus: Setting voltage..." messages in dmesg, fanoush's patch which correctly gives device nodes for mmcs on N810, rndispatch, jott's rotation and a quickie patch of mine to remove "EAC mode..." messages from dmesg (RNDIS means USBnet on your XP)